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How We Work
The Team
Zehntech believes that an organization's real strength comes from its team. At Zehntech we have experienced, technically sound and enthusiastic team members.

What aspire to make Zehntech one of the best place to work. Zehntech provide an environment which helps individual to recognise their true potential.
Festival Celebration

India is land of festival. So does we prove in Zehntech, we celebrate all festivals all year round.

For those who are far from their families and miss them, Zehnetch makes them feel a home away from home. We celebrate Holi, Diwali, Eid, New Year and many more festivals.
Team Outing

To increase productivity break from work is important as much as hard work. We try to unwind and charge our batteries.

We got to watch movie, go on team dinners and plan day trips and outing.
Special Day Celebration

What will be the life without celebrations? be it someones birthday or work aniversary. We make sure to order a Cake, candles and lots of cheers.

We celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversary, work anniversary and all the special days. Besides this we celebrates achievements of milestones like project completion, product launches.