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    Escalate Productivity with Automated Solutions by AI

    AI was once considered to be the future of generation but is now the most advanced present in which we live and mostly miss to understand that this is something we use in our everyday life. With cloud carrying out extra baggage Artificial intelligence plays the role of a third helping hand to perform our regular tasks with ease and accelerates growth.

    Zehntech with our expert AI professionals is empowered to provide you with the smartest solutions for your business in the quickest ways. Integration of Artificial Intelligence will make you reach the optimum level of utilizing your resources and increasing your ROI.

    With this, Artificially Built Intelligence Businesses Can Grow at an Extraordinary Pace


    Client satisfaction


    Work Automated


    Increase in Speed


    Increase in Accuracy

    We Work to Ease your Business by Building Intelligence using Complex Algorithms and Mathematical Functions to Provide:

    Generalized Learning

    Reasoning Ability

    Problem-solving (with the use of input)

    Some AI Integrated Solutions In our Customary Environment ​

    Google Map

    We all find google Maps helpful but what makes it so is the integration of Artificial Intelligence in it. Finding the right way to reach a spot could never be easy if Artificial Intelligence was not introduced to it.


    Those personalized product recommendations you get are not just coincidences. These are based on the integrated Artificial Intelligence in Amazon’s e-commerce which generates these notifications based on the choices of the individual most commonly made. Again, the voice shopping by Alexa is also a result of Artificial Intelligence.


    Apple smartphone comes with an integrated, voice-controlled personal assistant named Siri. It is capable of discovering and recommending calendar schedules and other functionalities which are based on Artificial Intelligence. Also similar to this google assistance and Alexa device works with AI. and proves to be really helpful.

    Wonders Driven by Artificial Intelligence to Our Businesses

    Curtails Error

    Artificial Intelligence is based on machine learning. Now the biggest benefit of having a machine do a task removes the chances of errors or reduces it to a higher extent. For example, getting a calculation done with the use of a calculator is more trustworthy than the one done by a human. Thus, there is minimal or no occurrence of an error in a task done by artificial intelligence.

    Speed Up Work

    Work done with human efforts is definitely time-consuming but the same, if done with artificial intelligence, will speed up the performance and improve the results. Also, the speed won’t come at the cost of errors or pitfalls, Artificial Intelligence will ensure that the work is done correctly and delivered on or before the regular time.

    Quick decision-making

    Since the work will be done with speed and reduced chances of error there will also be quick decision making and finalizing the right one to go ahead. The decisions here will be based on correct outcomes that ensure comes from the intelligence of a machine. The decisions will also be accurate and real-time.

    Machines don’t get tired

    Humans can work for a limited time period. They have a particular capacity of their own and thus they will need timely breaks and refreshments during any task or activity. But with machines, you don’t have such obligations. Machines work continuously without break and thus have minimum maintenance needs.

    Concentrate On Important Aspects

    left for humans to concentrate on more important aspects. Like generating ideas for business growth, collaborations, and bringing new projects. Thus, the growth will be more structured and well maintained with Artificial Intelligence.

    Industries Harnessing the AI Functionalities to Amplify Growth


    With Artificial Intelligence becoming a part of health department functions, data is being analyzed easily, and the patterns help provide the right solutions. The treatment plan can be finalized based on the study of structured as well as unstructured data. The machine acts as a human doctor and thus helps in proper diagnosis.

    Retail and E-commerce

    To outperform their competitor’s retail owners, try hard to understand the pattern of behavior mostly shown by the customers and plan their next move strategically to gain the most from it. As a result of this, you get pre-decided products as a choice that are most likely to be purchased by you.

    Food And Beverages

    AI has captured an irreplaceable place in the food industry as well. Machines help people watch their food live being prepared too as per their interest and choice of recipe. With Artificial Intelligence on board food processing firms have the power to analyze the food preparation and know the quantity of each and every material in it.

    Banking & Financial Services

    The Banking and Financial sector is another industry enjoying the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Loan applications can now be processed within minutes by AI machines. The right investment decisions can be made with the help of Robo advisors who analyze each and every activity of customers and determine the right option for them.

    Logistics and Transportation

    Even the Logistics and Transportation industry use this technology in their Warehouses where the AI-powered robots are kept for sorting and packaging products in order to make them ready for transportation. The roots are analyzed to ensure short-time delivery and less traveling expenses.


    The entertainment industry covers by far the maximum usage of Artificial Intelligence. There are movies built including this technology. It also helps to analyze human behavior. Hence helps in providing the best ever personalized experience to the users.

    Our AI Services

    AI Consultation

    In the Artificial Intelligence consultation service, we analyze the data of users and the work procedure they apply. After a clear understanding, we provide a view of the places which can integrate Artificial Intelligence and speed up or make the process more accurate and authentic. This results in the reinvention of your workflow to acquire smart results. At Zehntech you will get DevOp experts and machine learning developers to deploy scalable AI models.

    Conversational AI Services

    We believe in the overall growth which can be achieved by integrating AI into the regular workflows. To improve the customer experience, you need conversational AI services and accordingly, reduce the operational cost. We provide the right artificial assistance to your customers through AI. For example, our experts will help in developing chatbots for your website which will be initiating auto-generated conversations, and also, we can develop an automatic support system.

    AI To Scale

    We believe in providing AI solutions that are scalable along with ensuring sustainability and trustworthiness. AI solutions are being adopted by many organizations but without scaling, it might become a bad business decision. Hence with our services, we help in maintaining AI. For example, we can develop a recommendation system that will provide solutions and suggestions on the basis of feedback received by customers after analyzing them thoroughly.

    AI To Avoid Failures

    We provide advanced AI and analytical technology which enables the organization to leverage the advantages provided by AI. This helps them to be ready for a sudden change in trend which is highly related to their business and cope with the situation. The best solution we provide in this case is AI and machine learning to forecast interdependencies and predict inefficiencies which help organizations to avoid failures since we can preplan our strategies. Also, IoT is again a preplanned maintenance service.

    Drive Value from Data

    With AI and Machine Learning we will provide digitization to the unstructured data and turn it into a meaningful set of information. This content intelligence service will also help in reducing the operational cost, improve the accuracy and accelerate the speed of working. This data will help us to run machines in an optimized manner.

    Test & Regulate AI

    Although being used in an increased manner AI needs to be well tracked and regulated to know the results which are being driven by the same. Hence to bring transparency and trust we need models which test the AI functioning. Our experts will timely train the traditional AI models to compete with the latest AI trends.

    Artificial Intelligence FAQs


    AI technology is expanding day by day and as a result, it is being utilized by a variety of industries to automate their workflows. The industries using them are healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, etc.

    Artificial Intelligence has been gathering huge attention due to its vast range of benefits which help organizations in various ways. The most commonly seen benefits include the reduction in operational cost, accuracy, and time-saving capability.

    AI services are being used in our day-to-day life in various ways. Being in a sector like banking makes it becomes really difficult to make the use of AI on their own and hence there the usage of AI services is highly visible. There are more such places where the need for AI is felt.

    This means to pay for AI services as you go on using them. This means the organization using AI has the power to scale the AI before investing a large amount in it. The services make the non-technical organizations use AI with professional help.

    Zehntech possess years of experience in AI services and thus we deliver tailored solutions to organizations looking for AI integration in their workflow. Our team is well versed with AI applicability and technical knowledge to implement the same.

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