Magento Extension Development

You have a functional e-commerce store on Magento. Great! But do you know that with additional features you can extend the functionalities of your store and make it equipped to give out better user experiences. 

We help you add these additional features on your store with our extensive Magento Extension Development Services.

Develop a Custom Magento Extension to Add Features to Your Magento Platform.

We have a team of experienced Magento experts, who are happy to help you in developing Magento extension.

    Extended User Experiences With Additional Features

    You have a huge customer base for your e-commerce business and every customer coming over to your e-commerce platform is different. So, it is obvious that even their needs are different. And there is no way that you can fulfill all those needs with just some basic features and functionalities over your online platform. You need to offer your customers with extended features and functionalities. And this is where Magento Extensions come into play. 

    Magento Extensions, also called plugins, are the add-ons that offer the flexibility to extend the functionalities of e-commerce website with additional features. The platform has a huge plugin directory from where you can install the readily available plugins and add them to your website. Or you can opt for custom Magento Extension Development to create your own plugins as per your requirements and add them for a new feature.  

    With Magento extension development, you can have any functionality and feature that you want on your online store and this adds up to the effectiveness and efficiency of your website. With added features, the users of your store can also enjoy extended functionalities and have better user experiences that will help scale your business up a notch. 

    Why Magento Extension Development?

    Magento Extensions are the best way you can deliver good user experiences by offering your users the most robust features and functionalities. Here are some of the reasons why you must take up Magento Extension Development.

    Additional Features

    With Magento Extensions you can add as many features as you want to your e-commerce website. These additional features offer for extended functionalities that meet your as well as your user’s specific needs.

    Better User Experiences

    When the users get all the features that they require on a website, they get a considerable ease of use and it automatically caters for better user experiences which is very important for making the leads convert into customers.

    Better Management of Operational Functions

    With the ability to add features and functionalities as per your needs and requirements, you can integrate abilities such as stock management, inventory management, order management, etc., that can help you manage your operational functions better.

    Our Magento Extension Development Services

    Development of a plugin that perfectly matches your needs and expectations can be a difficult task. But not when you choose us. We have highly talented and experienced professionals in our team who are dedicated to offering the best-in-class Magento Extension Development Services.

    Custom Magento Plugin Development

    You may not always find the plugin you need in the plugin directory. But that must not stop you from having your required functionality on your e-store. You can simply have your own plugin created with our extensive custom plugin development services. 

    Magento Extension Integration

    The process to add a functionality to your Magento store directly without any efforts just became easier. All you need to do is integrate the suitable Magento extension with your e-store with our excellent Magento Extension Integration Services.

    Magento Extension

    Magento keeps getting better and so do its extensions. So, why should you be stuck with the older versions. Get the latest versions of Magento extensions for an enhanced experience on your website with our Magento Extension Upgrade Services.

    Magento Extension Compatibility Check

    Not every plugin works out for your website as expected. So, there is need to check if a particular plugin is actually meant for a particular website or not. We offer Magento Extension Compatibility Check services which check for the compatibility of plugins and let you know if a plugin is suitable for your website or not.

    Magento Extension Testing and Monitoring

    Just adding a plugin to your website is not enough. You need to perform continuous testing and monitoring to ensure that the plugin is working to the best of its abilities without interrupting the other functions of the store. And with our testing and monitoring services you can simply leave the work to us.

    Magento Extension Troubleshooting

    There can be instances where a particular plugin on your website may get affected by a bug or trouble and not work properly. In such cases you need to troubleshoot the error. We offer fantastic Magento Extension Troubleshooting services that immediately resolve all the issues and facilitate smooth running of your website.

    Why Zehntech?

    Magento Extension Development demands skills, expertise, and knowledge on the part of the developer and Zehntech possesses all of this for offering the services that meets the best of customer expectations.

    Experienced and Expert Team

    We have an experienced team of expert professionals who are well-versed with every aspect of Magento platform and can perform every service related to Magento with uttermost perfection.

    Time and Cost-Efficient Services

    We offer our services with uttermost dedication right on time, within the deadlines at the most reasonable costs as per the industry standards. With us you can get quality services at your favorable prices.


    Our association does not end simply at extension development. We offer you an all-time support even after the development of extensions and help you with any problem you face with the plugins.

    Magento Extension Development Services FAQs?


    No, you need not pay for every extension you use on Magento. There are many free extensions offered by the platform that you can use for your website. However, the premium versions offer added features and functionalities that can be of a lot more advantage to you. 

    In case you have installed a paid plugin but subsequently you do not need it, you can request for a refund from the Magento marketplace within 25days from the date on which you had purchased the plugin. If the request is approved by the Magento admin, then you get your requested refund

    You might face some limitations with the readily available plugins in the plugin directory. However, customizing these plugins can essentially help you meet all your needs and requirements. You can design the plugins as you like if you are opting for custom Magento extension development. So, yes, custom extension development has quite some advantages over the readily available plugins.

    Looking For Magento Extension Development Services?

    Our Magento experts offer custom Magento extension development  services, that can help you to add additional features and ease to your platform. 

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