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Magento Migration From Any Ecommerce Platform

This is a competitive business world where you cannot afford to stay just within some local boundaries if you want to grow big. Today, ecommerce and online stores have taken the place of traditional, local businesses. But you can’t have your store on just any platform. The choice of ecommerce platform directly influences the performance of your store. So, you need to be over what is best. And what better option than Magento?

So, if you have your store over any other platform, then you sure must consider migrating to Magento to secure a better position in the marketplace.

Come Over To The Best Ecommerce Platform

Within this competitive business environment where you have a plethora of options for even your most basic needs, you can choose from a number of ecommerce platforms available out there. But you don’t want to be on just any platform. Most platforms generally lack some or the other thing keeping you at a loss of some very amazing features that can help you scale your business like never before. If you are facing limitations over your ecommerce platform thus failing to satisfy your customers with good experiences, then its time you take a leave from there and move on to the most popular CMS for ecommerce, Magento. Magento is a place where you can find all you need for your store and improve your store performance and sales by giving amazing user experiences and backing huge conversion rates.

Why Should You Migrate to Magento?

Most of the e-commerce vendors using Magento platform for their stores and the amazing set of features and functionalities it offers, Magento simply comes out as the most popular and the best platform you can find in the market.

Magento Offers Advanced Features

With Magento you can overcome every limitation that you might suffer on any other platform. This platform is fast with quick page loading time, SEO optimized, and offers many other features through integration and plugins which give you and your users great experiences and help you achieve business success.

Magento is Highly Customizable

So many themes, templates, and designs readily available, you might not be able to give your store a different look and keep it unique. But Magento has a simple solution to this problem. It offers high customization abilities with which you can create your own themes, designs, and templates and customize them as per your needs, so that you benefit by standing out amongst the crowd.

Magento Maintains Competitive Edge

Working with limitations, losing out on features and functionalities are the things which can have disastrous effect on your store making you stand behind the competition. But you can save yourself the situation by taking yourself over the most competitive, Magento platform. Here is where your competitors are and by being on the same platform, you have nothing less than what they have and you can compete more closely thus maintaining your competitive edge.

What We Migrate?

There are many aspects to be considered when carrying out a migration from one platform to another. We take care about all of it and take you through a complete migration process.

Data Migration

Your database contains important customer information, product details, and order details which are a very valuable asset for your organization. We take this complete database with all the valuable information to your new platform and set it up over it just as it was before.

Theme Transfer

Your themes and designs define you and your business. That is the basic layout of your store by which your customers identify you and know you. You do not want to let go off your unique theme owing to migration. So, we transfer your themes and designs over the new platform and help you customize them as per your needs.

Functionalities Transfer

Your store has functionalities through plugins and other integrations. We make sure to transfer all those functionalities and plugins to your new store so that you benefit from new advanced features along with enjoying the preexisting functionalities that you had on your store over a different platform.

Why Zehntech?

With us, you can go through a quick and smooth migration in minimal time and at an affordable cost, enjoying all that Magento has to offer to you.
Dedicated and Expert Team
Your database contains important customer information, product details, and order details which are a very valuable asset for your organization. We take this complete database with all the valuable information to your new platform and set it up over it just as it was before.
Data Security
We take care of your data and transfer it in the most secure manner ensuring that all your data goes as it is to the Magento platform and you suffer no data loss.
Zero Downtime
We carry out the migration process in a manner that your store remains functional even with the ongoing migration, so that you do not lose on customers due to any downtime involved.


Magento Migration is a tricky process. We make efforts to perform the migration quickly for you, however the exact time frame can be judged only upon a complete evaluation of your store, depending on your requirements and needs. Your store size, functionalities, modules, etc., all need to be reviewed carefully before arriving on a specific time frame.
We offer the migration services at very affordable costs. We have various packages depending on the size of your store and your requirements from which you can choose. We would advise the best package for you considering the review and evaluation of your store.
Yes, we are always available for you to solve any problem you encounter in the process or after that. We help you to efficiently maintain your store and are with you all the way in your journey.

Want to Migrate Your E-commerce Platform to Magento?

Our Magento Experts will help you to Migrate your e-commerce platform to Magento with complete security of Data and Without Any loss of Functionalities and Search Engine Rankings,

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