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Develop a SharePoint intranet for your business

We have a team of experienced SharePoint experts, who are happy to help you with SharePoint Services.

    Sharing files, communicating information, and collaborating with teams have never been this easy. With SharePoint as your one-stop solution, you can empower teamwork and enhance productivity. We offer a complete range of SharePoint development services to help our clients develop and utilize SharePoint capabilities.     

    Our developers work with clients at different stages of SharePoint development like assessment, upgrading, planning, maintenance, etc. The professional services we provide increase ROI and enhance business growth. Our experienced developers implement faster SharePoint solutions, which are fully configured, having out-of-box features to adjust to your particular business requirements.   

    Anticipate Growth with Managed Workflow Through SharePoint

    5+ Years of Expertise

    10+ Projects Delivered

    100% Client Satisfaction

    Affordable SharePoint Development Services to Nurture Your Business

    To cope with advanced technology and to generate the right amount of productivity, there is a need for a well-maintained platform that contains features to establish a connection between the various work levels.  

    At Zehntech, our expert developers have extensive experience integrating SharePoint into the current workflow, promoting document management, teamwork, and knowledge management. We deliver a cloud-based service to help organizations experience seamless organizational communication. Each business’s requirement is different, and we understand and work accordingly. Whether developing a SharePoint portal or needing maintenance and support for existing SharePoint applications we will serve you all. 

    Our Wide Range of SharePoint Development Services Include

    SharePoint Consulting

    To deliver more value with SharePoint we provide professional consultation with a team of industry experts who provide expert guidance and delivery on the network and change its evolving dynamics. We focus on analyzing your existing business needs and suggest the most suitable implementation strategies. Hence our consultants will evaluate your needs and assist you with seamless SharePoint implementation.

    SharePoint Framework Development

    Various automated business applications, websites, and mobile-ready applications can be deployed by SharePoint framework development services. Along with this the best-customized applications and websites for the business process can be deployed which generates high footfall and growth in business. SPFx development, SharePoint Web Part Development—automatically deploy updates, quicker SharePoint portal development, UI experiences, and mobile-ready apps.

    Custom Application Development

    The SharePoint application we design will include unique elements, features, and products ready to generate value for your company. The applications will be capable enough to boost the performance of running systems or become the building blocks of a brand-new platform. There are various applications developed like content management, document management, enterprise search, intranet, and the internet.

    SharePoint Migration Services

    Being an expert SharePoint Development Company, we excel at version update and data migration to a newer environment. We also have an expertise in recognizing performance problems, and so we assist in taking corrective steps. We can gracefully migrate infrastructures of any complexity from on-premises servers or other cloud hosting’s to SharePoint. Seamless, risk-free migration to a newer version (SharePoint Online) or a new environment (cloud or on-premise) or from an existing environment to SharePoint.

    Workflow Development & Business Process Automation

    By Streamlining the business workflow with the help of SharePoint various business operations and work processes can be automated. Our SharePoint operators have rich expertise in automating business processes through workflow creation to maximize productivity and teamwork in a hassle-free manner. It is very helpful to achieve better productivity across the business enterprise. Business automation is making tasks more enjoyable and convenient. We connect people, data, and systems.

    Integration & Managed

    Integration & Managed services Without properly integrated systems there is no efficiency. Hence SharePoint integration is an essential part of any development project. And for this we will be creating custom dataflows and functionalities to make sure all of your software works together and avoid any potential issues. We have good experience on a broad range of integration options including Graph API, REST API, etc. We provide Full-fledged quick integrations between services to boost your business. And help you resolve technical problems and provide high performance.

    Power Apps Development Services

    Well, it’s time to stop worrying about lost productivity or opportunity. With our services, your employees will get anytime-anywhere access capabilities. Even with their tablet or smartphone, your team can connect to PowerApps. It works across all mobile screens with our highly responsive designs. We deliver a universal user experience. Our experts in power apps development specialize in the creation of smooth PowerApps and their connection with various data systems.

    Document management system

    All company files are streamlined from a cloud-based document management system into a robust, secure, and manageable system. automation protocols that smartly process all metadata from your content, knowledge, and documents into a centralized control panel will be created by us. As a result, data loss will be prevented and unauthorized usage while simplifying searching, editing, and securing data.

    Web/Intranet Portals

    The web/intranet portals created by us grant users a powerful toolkit to facilitate collaboration. We provide tailored SharePoint architecture coupled with first-class security controls for correct operation without compromising user experience and interface appeal as per your business requirements and culture. We have experience in developing custom theme for intranet sites, deploying & using it.

    Our Approach to SharePoint Development

    Gear Up your Workflow

    With our unique and native workflows, your current operations will be augmented. By automating time-consuming tasks and cutting down work cycles we transform your day-to-day routines into value-generated processes. Productivity will be taken to the next level with the help of our top-performing solutions provided by our SharePoint Developers who adopt a transparent approach. 

    Upgrade with Trend to Expand

    Businesses commonly work with outdated SharePoint solutions which over time have become greatly inferior to modern versions. But the engineers at Zehntech can develop custom add-ins that keep you on top of your business performance metrics. Also, they can redesign the entire platform for you as per the updates. 

    Get Served with Custom Solutions

    Developers at Zehntech will thoroughly understand your needs and work accordingly. We set goals and measure progress based on your current business specifications; this means all of our services are business-oriented. Thus, partnering will Zehntech will empower you with effective tailored solutions. 

    Smart Management

    SharePoint applications guarantee that your employees can access the right information at the right time with minimal effort. A whole new approach to knowledge collection, classification, documentation, and general management can be adopted by your company with a custom-design solution provided by Zehntech. 

    Microsoft SharePoint Platform Benefits

    SharePoint Online has more than 100 million active users. For boosting organizational excellence Microsoft SharePoint is a focal point. Here is a list of Notable features provided by SharePoint

    Effortless, Real-Time Collaboration

    Collaboration is one of the most crucial SharePoint benefits. For improved workflow, decision-making, and other aspects, it is really critical to work and share documents in real-time. Also, the real mess is created when multiple employees are working on the same document. But in SharePoint all the changes made by the team members are synced automatically, eliminating the issue of multiple versions.


    Companies wish to share documents between team members or others for feedback or review and with SharePoint you can streamline document sharing. It adopts a simpler and much smarter way to share, edit, and review documents in a real-time environment. Also, you can give permissions for access to stakeholders after saving the file to a SharePoint document library.


    When you are dealing with Government, healthcare, medical, legal, finance, and other industries You must adhere to strict security compliance and regulatory guidelines. But again, you don’t have to worry about security when using SharePoint. To eliminate all the security risks In SharePoint, users can set security settings to the individual file level. You can set a specific set of permissions for documents, sites, folders, and lists.

    Metadata Replace Folders

    For document tracking purposes we add some information and it is termed Metadata. In SharePoint, all you need to do is create one column for the department and one for the project. Now, just filter and sort files by using one or both columns. It might seem complicated initially, but it would be easy when you are used to it. You can find required files instantly using metadata.


    SharePoint provides consistent and streamlined user experience. Unlike other software products which create confusion even after training sessions, SharePoint is quite easy to use. You can integrate it with emails which you are already using along with web browsers, web applications, etc. Hence you need minimal time to learn SharePoint and you can have the best user experience.

    Highly Customizable

    SharePoint is quite easy to customize as per your business nature and requirements. Every business has a list of specific requirements thus the solutions for them need to be customized as per their working. SharePoint allows you to create a personal user interface to make things easy for your employees and provides solutions which suit your business.

    Better Productivity

    The most enticing advantage of SharePoint is better productivity. Process and business operations can be easily streamlined with SharePoint. Employees can quickly and effortlessly collaborate in real-time. And hence the data transmission, tracking and managing documents can be enabled. Also, working on group projects would be easy as well.

    Cloud-Based Platform

    Two types of SharePoint versions are available which are: On-premises and online. In-house versions with their private intranet are opted for by large corporations. The Cloud-based SharePoint Online is the choice of small and medium scale businesses. Both of these versions work perfectly to suit your business needs and serve the core purposes brilliantly.

    Centralized Information Center

    To store data and documents most of the time, organizations have their company servers. Access to those documents is possible only when you are in the office or connected to your network via a VPN. But SharePoint has a centralized center for document sharing, document management, project management, and tracking.

    Why Choose Us?

    With Zehntech, startups and enterprises will get a leading SharePoint development that helps with the latest Microsoft SharePoint Development solutions, allowing organizations to share information internally and externally. Multi-level collaboration can be managed with our help that too smoothly and increase your productivity. Through SharePoint we create hassle-free management, better organization, and collaboration within and across organizations.

    Years Of Expertise & Experience

    Zehntech is well versed with SharePoint and we have a special team of experienced SharePoint developers that hold years of expertise working in the end-to-end SharePoint development services. Our developers hold immense experience in handling all kinds of business challenges and developing the right SharePoint solution or service for clients of several industries. Our SharePoint solutions and services we have provided to date are a complete success to the business and our clients.

    In-Depth Product Knowledge

    Zehntech team have developed a complete in-depth knowledge about SharePoint solutions and services while working on several challenges and new projects. Throughout the lifecycle of development, implementation, testing, and support of any project we use comprehensive knowledge about SharePoint. This helps us in providing complete end-to-end SharePoint development services

    Support and Maintenance

    Serving our clients doesn’t end till the delivery of the project. At Zehntech our developers will work on inclusive support and assistance services to make sure that our SharePoint solutions offer high security for more flexibility and performance.

    Innovation and Development

    Old is gold but we believe in innovation as well. Hence during the development process of SharePoint applications and solutions, we focus on working with innovative and modern technology and tools. We have a team of experts in multiple areas of technology. Our work and services we offer are based on using the latest versions of technologies and tools with innovation, being the center of development.

    Timely Project Deliveries

    We believe in on-time delivery of SharePoint applications and solutions as per business requirements. Our services are provided with no scope of loopholes while meeting the deadlines.

    Microsoft SharePoint FAQs?


    With the advanced features available in SharePoint, you can view the documents and know the editing details and you will be notified about the recent saved updates of any document. And if any error occurs you can restore the previous version of document which was present before editing. 

    Yes, it is, SharePoint is an exceptionally built platform that has encryption keys for each file which is unique and protects the data from being corrupted or edited without actual authority to do so. 

    Outsourcing your SharePoint development implementation will be the best choice you make and that too with Zehntech will be a plus point. Outsourcing will ensure technical expertise with reduced in-house efforts but the cost totally depends on factors like project scope, your requirements, features you wish to gain etc.
    Zehntech work to deliver the best results in order to ensure that our clients are satisfied to their utmost level. For this Zehntech has a team that not only develops the platform but provides the best possible support to the clients during and after the completion of development.
    By acquiring SharePoint development services from Zehnetch you can relax and be secure about the whole development procedure. Our years of experience and skilled professionals will bring the best possible results.

    Create a Custom Sharepoint Solution for Your Business

    Improve your business productivity and efficiency with Microsoft Sharepoint customized solutions for your business.

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