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Aolan is a website for publishing blogs and articles encompassing various topics including knowledge and high-quality information for the visitors. Team Zehntech helped them to create an amazing user experience with the incorporation of beautiful UI and UX structure.

Business Challenge

The client had a business idea to offer knowledge and high-quality important information related to the mutual growth of China and Austria through publishing blogs and articles on topics encompassing art and culture, science, education, technology, and economics. The information and knowledge need to be provided within a protected framework and the client required a platform for the purpose. To bring this vision of the client to reality and offer the platform as needed and expected was the business challenge.


Understanding the needs and requirements of the client upon discussions with them we came up with the solution to create the platform as a functional WordPress website. The idea behind using WordPress was for the fact that the CMS is one of the best platforms for blogging and it could completely serve the purpose of the client. We developed a website using the Elementor pro plugin and Elementor Page Builder with all the options for blogs and guest posting as required by the client. Also, considering the customer base of the client, we created the website to support multiple languages and it is in three different languages – English, Chinese, and Deutsche.


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Our Role in Client Success

With our solution, the client has been able to effectively carry out his idea and provide the information and knowledge through his blog. The ease of use of the platform has made it possible to keep a very friendly user-interface that delivers the best user experiences. Also, the multilingual abilities of the website make it easier for the users to view the website in their preferred language which also works great for delivering good user experiences. All these functionalities on the website have in turn helped the client boost the website traffic and improve user engagements and revenues.

Our Client Says

Team Zehntech has developed an amazing platform fulfilling all my needs and requirements. The multilingual capabilities of the platform have helped offer better personalization to the visitors and attracted the target audience on a greater scale. All that I was expecting on the website has been provided to me by Zehntech. I could have not got a better platform for carrying out my business idea.

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