Multishop – Shopify to WordPress Migration

Multishop is an e-commerce website that offers products in the fitness and healthcare domain. They offer fitness equipment, supplements, fitness clothing, healthcare supplements, and more. They used to serve fitness fanatics with a wide range of healthcare products through their Shopify website.

Business Challenge

Multishop already had a virtual shop set up on Shopify. However, to address the growing demand of their business, the client wanted to migrate his online shop to WordPress. They also wanted to revamp his website with modern designs and equip it with customer-friendly functionalities that could enhance customer experience. The challenge was to migrate their entire range of products as well as existing order details to WordPress without loss of any data.


WordPress migration experts at Zehntech helped the client in seamless migration without causing any hindrances in day-to-day operations. The existing products, database, and order details of the client were also successfully migrated from their Shopify website to the newly developed WordPress website.

After understanding client requirements in detail, WordPress developers at Zehntech developed a new website on WordPress, an open-source CMS platform, for them. The new, attractive website has a clean UI, is customer-friendly, and is responsive. We used the WooCommerce plugin for developing and migrating the existing e-commerce platform on WordPress.

Multiple important features requested by the client were also added to the newly developed WordPress website, such as:

Custom sliders – to provide the website with an easy navigation feature

Custom filters – Shop page Various product filtering options were added to the Shop page for customers to make product search easier

Single checkout page – A sophisticated checkout page was created with the requested functionalities

2 Months


220 Hours

Working Hours


Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Having clearly understood the assignment, Team Zehntech was successful in executing the e-commerce website migration as planned. With the newly developed WordPress website. All of the above-mentioned activities were performed in just 2 months, and that too while managing to keep the client's entire database safe and secure. Through this new, modern website, the client would be able to provide their customers with a smooth checkout and an overall enhanced online shopping experience.

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