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The situations where animals enter into your houses or your close surroundings could be very common. And while you could be an animal lover, but it surely is not possible to pet every animal. Raccoons, Bats, Squirrels, Rats, Snakes; it is best that you have these animals removed from your homes and close surroundings, for the sake of your safety. OnPoint Wildlife does the job for you the right way. They set up humane traps so that the animals are not harmed in an attempt to catch them. They also take care that the animal so removed is restored in a better, more suitable surrounding. And for the running of all their operations, the client is dependent on their digital platform. Zehntech enhanced this platform for the company to improve its speed and page loading time so that the users can have better experiences. 

Business Challenge

Considering the scope of expansion of business and the ability to fetch more leads through a digital presence, the client got a digital platform created for his business wherein he provides wildlife removal and restoration services. However, the platform did not give the expected results. On inspection for the reasons of the unsatisfactory performance of the website, the client found that the website speed was unreasonably low, and the pages took forever to load. And it is needless to mention that people would return from such slow websites as quickly as they came on them. This issue was the business challenge for which the client needed a fix.


We worked on the speed of the website and improved it so that better user experiences could be offered through the website. We also worked on the issues that were causing such huge page loading time and fixed those issues which immediately lowered the page loading time from 10seconds to 5seconds. With all the work on the website, the website has considerably improved and is offering better experiences that ever with a good UI and UX.


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Our Role in Client Success

With the speed enhancements of the website, the client has been able to significantly better his user experiences and lower the bounce rates of the website. The website now has a page speed insight of 95 which definitely is a good page speed score.

Our Client Says

It has been a great experience working with Zehntech. They are a highly experienced and talented team and I was amazed at their knowledge, understanding, and technical expertise. They have greatly helped me boost my operations and I am extremely glad and thankful to the team for their perfect job done.

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