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The client is in the auction business which runs through a WordPress website. Eventually, the client faced some issues with the website as regards its slider section and other plugins. Zehntech successfully fixed these issues for the client and enhanced their website for a better performance and user experience with a better UI and UX.

Business Challenge

The client had a functional website over the WordPress platform for their auction business. The drive for having the business over a website was the increasing importance of web and digital presence. However, the website could not offer the best of the capabilities that could be used over the platform. The client faced major issues with the homepage slider section on the website as well as with some of the plugins. The business challenge was to fix all these issues for the client and deliver a website that is perfect in all respects.


We performed an analysis of all the problems that the client was facing and had discussions with them to understand their needs. On getting an understanding of the problems over the website, we worked on fixing all those problems so that the website could be enhanced. We worked on custom plugin development and customized various plugins according to the client’s needs. We also worked on the already integrated plugins and updated them for better use. Also, we solved the major problem faced in the homepage slider section and enhanced that slider for better usage, look, and feel.

3 Weeks


80 Hours

Working Hours

10 Nov 19

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

With our solutions, the client has got all the website issues fixed and they are now able to manage the website better. It has also contributed to giving out better user experiences since the updated and enhanced plugins and a better slider section has made the website more user-friendly. Also, the client has been able to enhance the website traffic to a considerable extent and increase their engagements and revenues.

Our Client Says

I am extremely glad to have hired Zehntech for my project. They have a great understanding of the technology and software and they have fixed all the issues I had been facing with my website. The association with them has been highly profitable and I would recommend them for IT solutions and services to all of my acquaintances.

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