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Drive Business Growth With Qlik Data Analytics Solution

We have a team of experienced Qlik experts who are happy to help you in Data analytics

    Get The Insights to Drive Real Change with Qlik

    A modern cloud data integration and analytics platform designed to help you generate a data-literate workforce that ultimately transforms your business. Your discoveries will be deeper, and the impacts generated will be large and accumulated. Searching and exploring are easier with Qlik due to the indexation of all the relationships in your data.

    All the data you collect must make a big difference to your organization but managing such a huge amount of data is a handle full of the task, and one needs to perform a proper integration to drive value through the data. With Qlik, one can pour in a huge amount of data from multiple cloud sources at an increased pace, creating analysis-ready real-time data.

    Clutch Data Insights with Modernized Data Analytics Tool

    With Qlik, the data you collected and integrated becomes meaningful information when you use Qlik analytics to form firm decisions. With huge Visualizations & Dashboards, you get the prescience you need for augmenting growth and achieving goals more quickly and efficiently. You will have access to the most attractive reporting boards.

    • 38,000 active customers
    • 100 countries
    • Integration & Analytics in One Cloud

    Become Data Fluent with Qlik Tools

    Qlik View

    Qlik View is a popular data visualization and BI tool that provides end-to-end data discovery features. Built for guided analytics, Qlik view is Qlik’s original data analytics app which comes with flexibility in data analysis, making it a preferred choice.

    • Easy to Use
    • Easy to Learn
    • Fast to Deploy

    Qlik Sense

    It’s a self-service data discovery and analysis tool. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality, Qlik sense enables data access and understanding by a person who is less or less aware of business intelligence and other technical terms.

    • Drag-and-drop your data
    • AI-generated insights
    • Automated data refreshes

    Our Qlik Expertise

    Zehntech, one of India’s leading Qlik data integration and visualization companies, knows the urge to understand data to drive meaningful insights, which supports the decisions that bring the goals near and eliminates the gap between data and action. Using flexible deployment options, our Qlik experts aim to bring data together from multiple clouds initiating a hybrid approach.

    Qlik Consultation Services

    Our Qlik experts will provide you with bespoke Qlik consultation services. Based on your data needs and sources, we will be providing you with an unparalleled series of solutions suiting your needs. With the expertise and experience our Qlik developers possess, you will be able to Unravel all the data issues and gain data literacy for all. Your current visualization needs will be closely examined to derive the perfect solution.

    Qlik Development Services

    At Zehntech, you will get access to leverage the highly efficient Qlik platform services through our QlikView / Qlik Sense Application Development services. Our experts will analyze your level of expertise to provide you with the right application to help you generate results from the data you gathered. The development services involve upgrades and system administration which overcomes the exponential data increase rate.

    Qlik Migration Services

    Qlik, with its easy-to-migrate interface, helps extract data from any given source and replicates the same with a simple graphical dashboard with 100% security of no data loss. Across cloud architectures, the data is transferred quickly with Qlik, which reduces the impact on source systems. With high performance and secured data transfer, the migration in Qlik is a streamlined process.

    Dashboard & Data Model Development

    Our experts will deliver top-notch, high-performing dashboard designs that are best suitable for all your data needs. We have been developing dashboards and reports over the years, making us the pioneers in providing key metrics, interactive charts, and AI-powered dashboards. There will be a mashup of extensions and other required tools. The data models will have data source recommendations providing support to the authenticity of data.

    Integration of Advanced Analytics

    You will receive advanced data integration and analytics services, which will help you Integrate and extract large volumes of disparate data. Streamline the patterns in your data and generate easy formats to understand data and make crucial decisions. We will be providing guided analytics implementation to help you Crack up your business potential with our expertise and technical help filling your tech gap.

    Native API Integrations

    We leverage the no-code cloud-native service by Qlik Sense APIs and Qlik Sense Extensions to automate and streamline workflows between SaaS applications. This automates your analytics DevOps processes. We integrate Qlik products for the custom client-specific apps by programming Qlik Engine RESTful APIs. We develop data-driven no, code application that gives role-based access controls.

    Qlik Support & Maintenance Services

    Partnering with Zehntech will empower you with BI maturity. We will provide all the required support while integrating Qlik dashboards or developing your data visualization. Our experts will be at your side for the whole development, migration, or any other services you acquire, even after the project’s completion. Though training in Qlik is not required due to no code visualization, still our experts will provide it if your technicians ask for the same.

    Leverage Data Analytics in Decision Making

    Data-driven Culture

    Qlik provides data literacy, helping you gain a data-driven organization. The integration and analysis are all helpful in making quick and effective decisions, leading to immense growth and improved collaboration. The competitive edge will get sharpened with accelerated data literacy moving your organization towards better communication and contribution.

    Streamlined Data Sharing

    With Qlik, it’s easy for all the teams in an organization to collaborate and participate in data-driven information and interpretations. The people in the organization can work freely without any communication gap due to less coding knowledge or expertise in technical terms. With hassle-free usage, Qlik comes with a simple implementation.

    Data Security

    Leading security technologies and modern open standards are incorporated by Qlik, making the data highly encrypted and accessed only by authorized personnel. The data will be exclusively available to the concerned person to view, use, and drive value with the same. Even with Qlik migration, there is no threat of data loss.

    Empowers business users

    Qlik, an eminent BI reporting, and analytics tool help collect data from multiple sources, integrate the data into meaningful information, and create analysis reports that can be used for all the important decision-making processes. The data here can be quickly filtered and made available for use.

    We Work to Help Generate Strategic Decisions

    Eminent Qlik Professionals

    We have a sedulous team of the finest Qlik developers who work efficiently to deliver solutions that augment growth.

    Multiple Expertise & Experience

    We Deliver solutions with all our expertise. Our prominent services result in 99% client retention in multiple niches.

    Transparent Workflow

    Our work is accompanied by solutions that are transparent, making our clients trust the services we provide combined with their feedback.

    Quick Delivery

    Our end-to-end solutions provide quality services that are served in combination with on-time delivery, keeping us ahead of our competitors.



    At Zehntech, you will get vindicate services that will bring meritorious growth for your business, making the data certain enough to drive meaningful insights and presenting them with advanced visualization reports.

    Qlik Sense has built-in, best-in-class data integration capabilities for combining and transforming data as well as data cataloging. Qlik also offers an enterprise-class data integration platform that provides a seamless analytics data pipeline.

    Qlik is a cloud platform that not only helps in data integration but also provides data analysis which helps in making improved decisions which is understandable to everyone who has knowledge in technical terms and even to the ones who are completely blank on a technicality
    Qlik is capable of serving every single industry which has huge data sources and looking for data management, integration, and analysis solutions in order to report the data collection for proper decision making. Hence financial, manufacturing, warehousing, retails, or others can use Qlik.
    With Qlik Application Automation, you can create dynamic processes that automatically respond to business events and trigger informed actions for your most popular SaaS applications.

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