Salesforce Configuration & Customization Services

Enhance the Capabilities of Your Salesforce Platform

We have a team of experienced Salesforce experts, who are happy to help you in Configuration and Customization

    Aimed at tailoring Salesforce products to fit individual business needs, our Salesforce customization and configuration services help organizations optimize available Salesforce tools to enhance support speed, boost sales, and add more marketing automation capabilities to an existing system.

    Experience hassle-free Salesforce configuration

    Configuration in Salesforce is all about what all you can do inside this powerful CRM solution. It is the process performed within the Salesforce ecosystem through which existing features are added or new functionalities are created for the client so they can make the most of their investment.

    Our Salesforce configuration team can assist you to set up organizational processes and logic as per the needs of your business, data and metadata organization, and interface modifications.

    Business-centric Salesforce customization services

    Customization in Salesforce simply involves adding utilitarian functionalities and features to your existing Salesforce CRM platform. It encompasses adding functionalities to your existing Salesforce CRM to extend its capabilities. The added functionalities help you create a lasting impact that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

    The tailor-made features built especially for you by our developers can be integrated into your CRM through our Salesforce customization services. Talk to our team of Salesforce experts, for they would be happy to discuss your business requirements.

    Our Salesforce Customization Services

    At Zehntech, our team of Salesforce experts help adding capabilities to your Salesforce solution that are integral to perpetuate your business growth.

    Salesforce CRM Configuration

    Get assistance for configuring themes, layouts, custom objects, company logos, and field levels. Our team also assist you in executing Apex tests, setting up audit trails, and debugging logs.

    Existing Salesforce CRM Customization

    Organizations grow. Business goals advance. No matter what your enterprise goals are, Salesforce specialists at Zehntech can tailor your existing solutions to match your outcome expectations. The solution can also be scaled keeping in mind your organization’s future objectives.

    App Customization on AppExchange

    AppExchange is full of featureful apps that can be leveraged for optimizing and automating certain processes. We enable you to make the most of the available apps in the AppExchange by aiding you find the most suitable and efficient ones.

    Salesforce Einstein AI Integration

    Salesforce Einstein is the AI technology built for Salesforce’s cloud-centric products. Zehntech helps empower your Salesforce CRM with Einstein AI & customize it further to mold it according to your business requirements. With AI features and functionalities, you get deep insights into your customer support, sales, and marketing initiatives.

    Custom Integrations

    Leverage the deep expertise of our Salesforce experts for setting up third-party integrations in your Salesforce solution. Our talented team can also can also develop custom integrations to enable cloud and on-prem application communication.

    Custom Reports & Dashboards

    Measure KPIs that are relevant for your business and are important for you. Harness custom reporting for all your marketing, sales, and service efforts to analyze their impact. Key features include customizing UI/UX design, adding dashboard layouts, integrating plugins for report generation, and self-service reports.

    Custom Email Templates

    Give your business email a personal touch with Salesforce custom email templates. Our experts can assist you in identifying and defining your target audience and setting up email campaigns for the same.


    As a Salesforce service organization, Zehntech helps you optimize your processes and workflows through automation services, like APEX triggers, SMS & email notifications, and process builders.

    Data Modelling & Import

    If you need help with establishing data importing rules from your previous system or spreadsheets, our Salesforce specialists can assist you with the same. Our experienced professionals can also help you structure your data storage processes in your system through our data import services.

    Data Processing API Integration

    Integrate bulk data processing API with the help of Builders (like Flow Builder & Process Builder) and Bulk Triggers to align your organization’s processes and enhance outcomes, ROI, and performance.

    How Zehntech tunes the Salesforce platform to fit your needs?

    Phase 1 – Configuration 

    The process of Salesforce configuration entails setting up the CRM dashboard, page layouts, user permissions, data validation rules, custom tabs, sales paths, and reports. Making adjustments to this CRM for making it suit your needs becomes easier with the help of Zehntech’s Salesforce consultants. 

    We follow the following process to configure Salesforce into your business operations: 

    1. Organization-centric values are analyzed and established.  
    2. Your Salesforce solution’s business logic and data model is altered to fit your needs. 
    3. AppExchange application comprising default tools by Salesforce are installed.  
    4. Custom objects and custom fields are added to your Salesforce solution.  
    5. Report creation, workflow validation, and other configurations are integrated into your Salesforce solution. 
    6. Finally, access to persona-based modules and tools is provided. 

    Phase 2 – Customization 

    Salesforce customization process is about bridging the gap between current outcomes achieved with default Salesforce services and the desired outcomes that can be achieved by customizing the CRM as per your business model. 

    The below-mentioned process is followed to customize Salesforce as per your business: 

    1. Seamless processes and optimized workflows are established for leveraging all available resources.  
    2. Email templates and dashboards are modified and employed to enhance customer responsiveness.  
    3. Automated bulk messages and operations are set up through Salesforce customization. 

    Salesforce solutions we can customize for you

    • Sales Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Marketing Cloud
    • Community Cloud
    • Financial Services Cloud
    • Nonprofit Cloud
    • Salesforce CPQ
    • Salesforce Chatter

    Benefits of customization & configuration

    Simple to implement, fast to deploy

    Implementing Salesforce CRM is quick and easy. Customizing and deploying the CRM for managers, users, and business leaders decreases expenses related to change management and lowers change resistance.

    Boost in Revenue

    Salesforce CRM is developed to help its users experience an increase in revenue. The CRM does so by generating cross-selling and upselling opportunities, boosting sales efficiency, and offering better customer service for customer retention.

    Significantly soared ROI

    From preliminary discussion, to customization, to deployment – our dedicated Salesforce team ensures you derive most value out of your CRM. We are focused at providing all our clients a great customization experience which ultimately drives better results and aids in generating more ROI. 

    Insight-based smarter decision making

    Enjoy the power of smarter decision-making that comes with the plethora of insightful data generated by your Salesforce CRM. The reports generated by the CRM include all the imperative KPIs you need to take informed decisions.

    Maximized productivity

    Availing of our Salesforce CRM customization services contributes significantly to your business growth. With years of experience up our sleeves, we can provide tailor-made solutions for any type of business and ensure they achieve their business goals with efficiency.

    Why choose Zehntech

    Dedicated Team

    We have a talented team of Salesforce professionals who have extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in the domain. Our team helps you tirelessly with your Salesforce configuration and customization requirements.

    Industry Expertise

    Having worked with clients from varying domains including retail, insurance, finance, hospitality, we helped them transform their business processes and aided them drive perpetual growth.

    Wide Service Portfolio

    Our Salesforce consulting, implementation, configuration, and customization services portfolio spans across multiple Salesforce products, including Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Community Cloud, Einstein AI, and MuleSoft.

    End-to-End Salesforce Services

    Our team doesn’t just provide Salesforce configuration and customization services. We are a comprehensive Salesforce services company that can also help you with Salesforce consulting, implementation, integration, development, and support.


    If your current Salesforce CRM is unable to deliver what you had set out to achieve or unable to match up to the growing and changing needs of your organization, your company needs Salesforce customization services. Our services would add the required capabilities to your existing CRM and ensure you attain your business goals.
    This majorly depends on the scope, the number of services, the number of integrations, and the size of the business. However, at Zehntech, our focus is at delivering the project with the highest quality standards and with realistic timelines.
    Absolutely. You can leverage our Salesforce customization and configuration services on an SLA-basis and an ad-hoc basis. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements.
    The cost here is directly proportional to your business requirements. It would depend on the number of features, functionalities, integrations, objects, and modules you would like to add to your existing CRM application in a time frame. Rest assured that the prices offered by us are based on industry standards.

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