Salesforce Integration Services

Enhance the Capabilities of Your Salesforce Enviornment!

We have a team of experienced Salesforce experts, who are happy to help you in Integration.

    Extend the capabilities of your existing systems with our Salesforce integration services. When you blend the power of Salesforce into your business processes, you unlock your organization’s true potential.
    Integrate Salesforce with your existing infrastructure, like marketing automation platform, order management systems, and enterprise resource management software, to acquire added competencies, diminish redundancy, and attain end-to-end operational visibility.

    Transform your Business Processes with Zehntech’s Salesforce Integration Services

    In today’s era of endless digitalization, every business uses multiple software for maintaining workflow in its different departments. To establish and enhance business process productivity, it is imperative for all those software to effectively sync, communicate, and share data with each other. Salesforce integration consultants at Zehntech assist you to amalgamate your cloud-based systems, on-premise systems, complex custom software, and CRM software with Salesforce to work together flawlessly.

    Harnessing the potential of Salesforce, our dedicated team will assist you with:

    • Putting an end to complicated business challenges and tedious tasks with long-term, feasible solutions
    • Taking advantage of O-Auth to apply one-single authentication for the entire range of tools you operate with
    • Maintaining a proper flow of communication between the front-end and back-end teams
    • Optimizing the business processes that have the potential of being enhanced
    • Accelerating lead conversions by optimizing customer interactions
    • Delivering delightful customer experiences

    Our various types of Salesforce integration services have benefited several start-ups, SMEs, and well-established large-scale businesses, all while making the most of the potential of Salesforce CRM beholds. Previously, we have provided our Salesforce integration services to many organizations from varying industries, including BFSI, education, healthcare, media, retail, and telecommunications.

    Our Salesforce Integration Competency

    By analyzing your organization’s data, we uncover and utilize insights to enhance and transform your business processes. We can provide Salesforce integration services with the help of middleware or through a 3rd-party ETL solution to develop a cost-effective and scalable solution for you. We offer the following Salesforce integration services:

    Accounting Integration

    Managing financial data becomes easier when you link your existing accounting system with Salesforce. The multiple SMEs and large companies that have partnered with us experience enhanced customer profiles, better handle invoices as well as inter-company transactions, and enjoy richer data-driven insights for decision-making. When you integrate your existing accounting software with Salesforce, you minimize double data entry instances and get better control over invoicing and payment collection. We, at Zehntech, can help you integrate Xero, Zoho Books, and QuickBooks.

    Computer-Telephony Integration

    Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) enhances your customer service by allowing you to embrace features like one-click calls, automatic calling, call recordings, call pop-ups, call routing, call distribution, and call metrics. CTI with Salesforce facilitates the sales team to generate more qualified leads, close more deals, and deliver an overall better performance. It also allows you to keep track of KPIs like average handling times and call drop percentages.

    Collaboration System Integration

    Sophisticated collaboration tools, like SharePoint and Office 365, are used worldwide for handling files and documents in organizations. Combining the power of a collaboration tool with a CRM like Salesforce assists in dealing with issues like document duplication, helps in saving money on the license fee, and provides more flexibility to team members when collaborating on projects.

    Database Integration

    Connecting Salesforce CRM with your organization’s database drives more data efficiency. This, in turn, will enable you to embrace actionable insights for your business. Streamline Salesforce with your Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, Microsoft SQL, and MongoDB databases to automate data workflows for seamless collaboration across departments and better decision-making.

    Ecommerce Integration

    With Zehntech, you can smoothly integrate eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Integration of the two will provide your teams with special features, like eCommerce building constructive buyer journeys, big data analyzing & monitoring, running personalized campaigns, real-time data synchronization, and easy sales tracking.

    ERP Integration

    Through Salesforce integration with your ERP system, you essentially streamline your sales and resource management processes. Get a complete view of clients and customers with relevant data, inventory details, and comprehensive invoices. Integration of your ERP systems with Salesforce facilitates accurate planning related to manufacturing and materials procurement as per the demand. We implement Salesforce integration with all ERP systems, like SAP, Infor, Oracle ERP Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and NetSuite.

    Email & Calendar Integration

    When emails, calendars, and tasks are integrated, a significant boost in productivity is observed. Once integrated with Salesforce, your teams won’t have to switch between apps to perform tasks and communicate. Email & calendar Integration enables smooth coordination amongst your contacts, appointments, events, meetings, emails, and tasks. We can connect your Microsoft & Google calendars and emails for adding a level of convenience and transparency.

    Google Apps Integration

    If you want your customers to have a personalized, smart, seamless, and collaborative experience, integrating Google Apps with Salesforce is a good idea. It enables an uninterrupted flow of data from Salesforce CRM and Google Apps that you use on a daily basis. Keep track of your email correspondence and access mission-critical data to better serve your customers with our Google Apps integration services.

    Marketing Automation Integration

    With a mammoth of options available for customers to choose from in today’s world, optimizing marketing and sales processes is crucial. You can craft better lead nurturing processes and transfigure customer journeys by integrating your marketing and sales automation software with Salesforce CRM. By doing so, you enjoy features like automated alerts, strategic prospect follow-ups, and personalized campaign management. Our experienced team can help you integrate Salesforce with any marketing software, including Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, Constant Contact, and Zoho Campaigns.

    Social Media Integration

    To provide elevated customer experiences, businesses need to stay on top of customer news and what’s going on in the world. Salesforce social media integration services aid your sales representatives to track the activities of prospects on social media. Render better experiences, generate more leads, launch engaging ad campaigns, comprehend customer behavior, and enjoy soaring user engagement by integrating social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

    The Process of Salesforce Integration We Follow

    Needs & Requirements Analysis

    Our team of dedicated developers and Salesforce integration consultants will closely analyze your current IT infrastructure to deeply understand your business requirements, systems, processes, and goals. After doing so, we devise an optimal plan of action to go forward with.

    Implementation & Integration

    Based on the assessment, an integration strategy is established that includes steps of implementation. Any customization requests by your organization are also taken care of in this phase. We use integration tools like TIBCO, Cast Iron, BizTalk, Boomi, and Jitterbit. We can also create custom API-based integrations for you.

    Data Collection, Preparation, & Migration

    Now, your company data is carefully collected, prepared, and migrated. The data sourcing, integrating, cleaning, and formatting process is conducted. Additionally, which data will flow in and which will flow out, and at what frequency is decided. As a result, a seamless data flow pipeline between the external systems and Salesforce is instituted.

    Endless Support

    After the integration process, we test, review, and monitor the integrated systems and processes to catch any errors. We also train your teams to use and manage the freshly integrated system. You can expect on-demand maintenance and support for maintaining the system’s peak performance.

    Why Clients Choose Zehntech for Salesforce Integration

    Client-first approach

    We are here to serve our clients in the best way possible. Our client-first approach drives us to deliver outcomes to the best of our abilities. For every client, our goal is to provide more value for money than expected.


    To provide rapid and quality services, we have built a team of expert and highly-experienced Salesforce integration consultants. Our focus is entirely on providing optimal solutions and services to our clients by engaging with industry-approved best practices.

    The Right Skills & Competencies

    We have the required expertise to implement third-party integrations with Salesforce. The team is 100% competent to create and deliver flawless solutions to fit your business needs. A multitude of clients has benefited significantly from our team’s technological expertise.

    On-demand Scalability & Adaptability

    Salesforce is a flexible and scalable solution. It can be customized as per your business requirements and scaled up or down as needed. Our Salesforce integration consultants are trained to help you with all your scalability requirements.

    Experience Ranging a Multitude of Domains

    Our Salesforce integration experts possess deep experience in all Salesforce products. Our experience ranges across various industries using which we offer 360-degree integration services in Salesforce CRM.

    Salesforce Integration Services FAQs?

    Salesforce Integration refers to the process of merging the power of Salesforce functionalities and data with that of another software or system to provide users with a unified experience. At the core, it allows you to give your teams the best of both worlds when it comes to platform functionality. At large, Salesforce integration has only one purpose, which is to automate key tasks and supply teams with critical data and insights for scaling the business.
    There are 4 types of Salesforce integration solutions – API Integration, Native Integration, Third-party Integration, and Bi-directional Sync Integration.
    You can connect your ERP, HR, and other on-prem software, like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP, with Salesforce CRM for constructing a unified view of your business processes.
    Absolutely. Investing in Salesforce integration will automate your workflows, boost overall productivity, enhance business performance, and strategize internal and external communication. Your employees will get all-in-one access to the system, eliminating the need for them to switch systems by staying logged into a one, single system for completing their tasks.

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