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Any company’s success and competitiveness depend on the strategies it plans out, its customer satisfaction, and product capabilities. It is quite important to make a decision quickly and precisely which helps business reduce unprecedented costs and transform businesses; and for this, it is really necessary to use the best analytics tools and services.
We at Zehntech, are on a mission to bring a paradigm shift for companies by taking them away from the outdated analytics practices and provide companies with an analytics service that not only lets them take control of their data but transform their business as well in an entirely transformative manner.
Our team is committed to delivering our customers an advanced and seamless user interface by following the best practices for customer analytics services.

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Innovative, Well Planned, Consistent and Segmented Snowplow Analytics Services

Snowplow Analytics is widely recognized for using advanced and a variety of technologies. Serving at enterprise-level scale and quality, it collects data from various platforms and integrates multiple data like CRM, inventory, etc., to create a single customer view in real-time. Moreover, it allows you contextualize, and model your customer behavior across the internet circuit. Further, snowplow track can be used to track websites, games, etc. Using various tracking options available.

Driven by new technologies, we at Zehntech move forward to help businesses with their ambitions and resolve obstacles that they may face during the process. We provide fully-fledged Analytics services on the snowplow platform using the best practices followed in the industry.

While deploying and Arranging Snowplow Analytics to solve multiple set of problems, we always look to adapt to new technologies. Moreover, we are deploying Snowplow analytics on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to ensure a holistic and transformative automation.

Our Snowplow Services

We have hands-on experience and expertise in delivering and deploying the best analytics services to our customers to bring them on the off-shoot of success for their business.

Product Analytics

We help you develop a strong and reliant understanding of user behavior that can help you strategize and optimize your product experience.

Churn Reduction

Churn for better estimations and forecasting by predictive analytics and understanding trending user interactions.

Data Products

We bring behavioral data to help you deliver compelling value propositions to your customers.


To acquire retention and drive acquisition, we can help you understand the jargon of user engagement and personal experience in real-time.


Formulate your credit to marketing channels by knowing the strong points and on the basis of high-value analytics.

Why Zehntech?

We have a deep understanding and experience in snowplow analytics consulting. Moreover, our customer-friendly approach brings legitimacy to our claims and functioning.


We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of data analysts who have deep knowledge of customer and behavior analytics using which they provide robust data analytics services.


We follow a systematic and well-planned approach for working on your project and collect and segment data using the best industry practices and methodologies to help businesses strategize the best practices for their businesses.


We provide consistent support to all our customers for all our services. We are on time and address all your queries at the earliest. We keep a track record of the services that we provide to counter any issue that our customers may face.

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Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ?

Most businesses focus on analytics when they face some problems or downfall. But analytics is a continuous process. Businesses should put efforts into analytics on a constant basis. Once, you start focusing on analytics, you can make better strategies that can be the game-changer for your business’ success.
It varies on the type of service that you want. Depending upon the extent of services, we have varying packages which are formulated on the basis of the services that you seek to avail. We have an option to discuss where we can consult you the best option that you should avail.
Analytics is used to make more precise and informed decisions. It helps businesses to identify the benefits or potential losses due to a certain decision. They can understand the trends, patterns, and changes that the customer’s behavior is going through, and can bring reforms in their products and strategies.


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