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Create a professional website with Squarespace!

We have a team of experienced Squarespace experts, who are happy to help you in building beautiful websites.

    Ecommerce, Retail, or Portfolio Rule the Online Presence with Square Space

    Capturing the website market with its exceptionally built functionalities, Squarespace with a wide range of templates, extraordinary features, and fantastic support is counted among the finest website builders of the present era.

    At Zehntech you will be empowered with an incomparable website built with immense expertise providing an upgraded user experience and an increased return on investment.

    Squarespace Has Been a Powerful Support to the Business Owners

    3.79 million Subscribers

    40 Lakh+ Websites

    3rd Most Popular Builder

    Boost Your Returns with Incomparable Features Offered by Squarespace

    Squarespace comes with amazing benefits like the drag and drop feature which allows users to quickly build a website and insert information from anywhere. In a really short time span of around 18 years after being established in 2003 Squarespace has managed to grab a good position in this field by providing some commendable benefits.

    High Site Speed

    The most commonly observed benefit of Squarespace is the aggregated speed it provides to the website. Site speed is an important phenomenon for customer retention; thus, Squarespace helps in achieving the same.

    Wide Range of Templates

    Squarespace is said to be the right solution for maximum websites due to its wide range of templates. Users can customize websites using these templates and rule the online world. The website can be for eCommerce, portfolio, retail, etc. Thus, there is no particular niche.

    Drag & Drop Feature

    Even after being built by experienced and most technical professionals, many websites builder sites don’t come with this feature. But Squarespace does. It provides users the ability to have their images and content dropped from any given source and customize their website quickly as per their requirements.

    Data Import/ Export Functionality

    Squarespace comes with a data import-export feature which is essential during migration and even in other cases. You are allowed to import or export data from any given source and get rid of the burden to create it from scratch in case of building a new website or migrating from the old one.

    Supports Ecommerce

    It is quite surprising to see that eCommerce comes with an amazing feature that enables the eCommerce site owners to sell any number of products without paying any amount in the name of transaction fees. This feature is quite different when compared to the other eCommerce builder sites and thus proves to be very beneficial to them.

    100% Support Mechanism

    Squarespace provides flexible support to the users. With the live support, email facility, and the any-time tweet feature you can get help from the Squarespace professionals. In the present era where everyone takes time to respond the live chat support provided by Squarespace helps a lot in providing live query redressal support.

    G Suit Integration

    Squarespace has the G suit integration feature, allowing you to use Google’s mail, calendar, drive, and other functions. Thus, all the work is done with the Squarespace account; hence, you don’t have to handle a separate account.

    Procedure We Adapt to Accelerate Growth by Squarespace Development​

    Plan the strategy for Development

    After a thorough discussion and a full flagged meeting with the client, we jot down the requirements in the form of a document that is crosschecked by the client too. With all the necessary resources and our technical expertise, we plan the perfect blueprint of the list of activities to be carried out to achieve the common objective and have a well-established website developed.

    Select The Right Template

    Each and every niche targets a particular set of audiences, and we aim to provide the best user experience by developing your site in the template which fits the most for your industry. Thus, we select the template and have an opinion from the client as well after which we start to work on it.

    The Development Process

    After selecting the right template for your website our experienced team of professionals is on board for the journey of developing your website with expertise. We follow a transparent workflow procedure; hence, regular updates will be provided to you about the progress in the website development.

    Test the Results

    Once we have completed the development of your website, the quality analyst team is ready to find the tiniest error in your site, which might affect its smooth functioning. Thus, the testers will analyze your site and take all the necessary tests for the site check and get the doubts cleared or errors resolved, and provide the updated report.

    Launch Your Site

    Now as your site is well developed, deeply analyzed, and resolved as said by our quality analyst we start the launching procedure. This is accompanied by your approval on the same which might involve some changes you recommend on your end in the website and after updating all of them your site is successfully launched and ready to provide you the desired results.

    Highly Functional Benefits Accompanied with Squarespace

    Squarespace with its smartly designed features brings a list of incomparable benefits which make it a top-performing website builder platform. Join us to have a taste of a few or all of them.

    Easy to Use

    Squarespace even after providing a huge range of features is an easy-to-use website builder platform as said by its maximum number of users.

    Mobile Friendly

    The website built on Squarespace is compatible with various devices thus making it a user and mobile-friendly website and preferred by all.

    Marketing Tools

    With the inbuilt marketing capability, Squarespace helps organizations by providing tools for email marketing campaigns and other activities.

    Secure & Reliable

    Squarespace is counted among the best Saas provider as it is highly secure and reliable with upgraded functionalities to prevent attacks.

    Additional Tools Can Be Added

    With Squarespace, one has the power to add additional tools along with plugins and extensions which are required to make your website function properly.

    Our Squarespace Development Services

    Squarespace Consultation

    Our expert team of developers at Zehntech will have a productive discussion on your Squarespace needs and after the same, we will be providing you with the right solution and customized solutions for your needs.

    Squarespace Website Design

    At Zehntech you will be provided with the best user experience and mobile-friendly website designs as per your needs. Your business process will be thoroughly monitored by our experts and thus the designs will be based on the same.

    Squarespace Website Development

    With the advanced Squarespace framework, our team of experts will develop a Squarespace website that will be professionally built with functionalities that make you outperform your competitors.

    Squarespace CMS Development

    With the advanced Content management system development services by Zehntech, you will be able to convert your content challenges into advantages and fulfill all or any of your content needs. The services will be reliable as well as scalable at the same time.

    Squarespace Customization

    At Zehntech we understand the needs of customers and thus we provide Squarespace Customization services which include customized solutions for website development and includes tools that are specially designed for the particular niche.

    Squarespace SEO Services

    With the in-built marketing features by Squarespace Zehntech provides you full SEO services to accelerate traffic on your site and improve the website reach. This creates brand awareness and makes your site SEO friendly.

    Squarespace Support & Maintenance

    Not just during the project but our developers will provide you the Squarespace support and maintenance services even after the project gets completed as per the agreement. Any bug that occurred will be addressed with full concentration and expertise.

    At Zehntech We Prioritize Your Requirements with Customized Solutions

    20+ Projects done

    10+ Experts Onboard

    24*7 Support

    Squarespace Development Services FAQs


    Squarespace website development is not a time-consuming task as many of the website templates are already available along with important tools and extensions.

    Squarespace supports maximum business fields. For example, businesses who are selling any kind of products, providing any type of services, retails, manufacturing, etc.

    Squarespace provides a wide range of benefits like it is easy to use, there are templates available for a variety of niches, quick development can be done, in-built SEO tools, etc.

    Zehntech has a team of professionals who are well versed with technical expertise and capability to provide customized services for Squarespace website development. Our experts will provide tailored solutions for your needs.

    The cost of Squarespace services totally depends on the requirements of the client. The charges will be asked only for the number of services taken and thus will definitely be at affordable rates and not much higher than that.

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