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    Seamlessly Syncing Your Raw and Discrete Data in One System

    Data Analytics has been on the boom in today’s times with its ability to provide better business insights, bring more opportunities for growth, and drive better, more efficient, and faster business decisions. 

    However, to leverage all these data analytics capabilities, you need to have your data available in highly visual formats and over a master system. 

    When your data is in discrete and raw form over various data sources, you have to keep toggling between it, and this process is very hectic and time consuming, and even not the right approach to performing your data analytics functions. This is where the need for data integration comes in.

    With Tableau Data Integration Services, you can have all your data sources synced together over a single system thereby having your data available in better and more accessible manner.

    We, at Zehntech Technologies provide the most efficient Tableau Data Integration Services, combining all your business data sources into one master source thereby enhancing your capabilities for performing data analytics functions.

    Our Tableau Data Integration Services

    We provide seamless data integration for all your organizational systems and APIs with Tableau to offer the best data analytics capabilities.

    ERP and
    CRM Integration

    Your ERP and CRM systems have a huge amount of data that you can leverage for data analytics and decision-making purposes. We help you integrate these systems and software with Tableau to make the data analytics much easier with excellent Tableau Data Visualization Capabilities.

    Website and Application Integration

    You constantly need to monitor and analyze your websites and applications for their performance. We integrate these websites and applications with Tableau Data Visualization Software to have all the analytical data available over your websites and apps over a more robust and functional solution to help you with better data analysis which caters to more efficient performance for enhanced user experiences. 

    E-Commerce Store Integration

    We help you integrate your ecommerce stores with Tableau Data Visualization Software to offer you better insights into the performance of your store with well-presented data on your customer behavior, sales, and other parameters, so that you can analyze the market demands as well as your business profitability and work on meeting the customer expectations to enhance business profitability and growth at scale.

    Tableau Data Integration with Cloud Platforms

    The scope for cloud services has been continuously growing and businesses are highly moving to cloud platforms for better resource utilization, higher accessibility to databases and data files, and unlimited data storage. We help you integrate these data sources over your cloud platforms with Tableau so that you can leverage more from it and have great insights into the performance of your cloud applications and solutions thereby driving enhanced operational performance and business growth.

    Third-party and API Integration

    When you run your organizational operations, you work with many different third-party applications and APIs and they contain a huge amount of useful data that you need to take into consideration for analytics purposes. We help you integrate all such third-party apps and APIs with Tableau to cater to more efficient and enhanced analytics with robust, functional, and intelligible presentation of data in highly visual and statistical formats.


    Tableau Data Blending offers for the integration of heterogeneous data within the Tableau Data Visualization Software. We provide Tableau Data Blending Services through which we cater to presenting the heterogenous data like charts, graphs, worksheets, infographics, etc., in an integrated form to help you with visualizing your data at a glance and have the best business insights that drive faster and more efficient decision making and lead you to business growth and success.

    Zehntech Advantage

    We have a team of talented developers, engineers, and professional who hold years of experience and expertise in working over Tableau Data Visualization Software. With our expertise, you can drive the best integrations on Tableau and have the most amazing data analytics functions that scale and help you lead business growth and success.

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