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Give a Boost to Your Business’ E-Commerce with Magento

Businesses are always keen to meet up to their customers’ expectations. People, now a days with their hectic schedules, find it tiring to go to the local brand stores, or move around from market to market, searching for the products they want. They expect to get it all at one single place and want to explore options at the same time. So, to meet this expectation of their customers, businesses came up with a simple solution, e-Commerce platforms.

With an e-Commerce platform, businesses are simply able to sell its products online on a web store and give their customers great experiences while shopping.

But, where to create such a platform?

Well, of all the choices available with the businesses, Magento is the best option to be considered. It is a powerful open source platform that lets businesses create their e-commerce websites and online stores. The amazing set of features it comes with, makes it the obvious choice for the businesses.

  • Scalable

    Magento has tools and systems that help the website manage huge traffics. With Magento’s scalability, you can always keep increasing your product catalogues and attract larger number of customers to your website. Greater website traffic would mean more business, which simply means more profitability.

  • Secure

    Security is a major concern when it comes to managing e-Commerce stores. There is vital customer information and it is the duty of the business to keep it safe. With Magento’s features, you can consider this problem solved. Magento offers a number of security plugins that can be installed for security. Moreover, it always keeps coming with improved security updates.

  • Supports Multiple Languages and Currencies

    In this competitive era, it is not enough to have business within your own traditional borders. It becomes important to go global. An e-Commerce website gives you a global presence, but at times due to language barriers and involvement of forex, the website is not able to back international customers. But, with Magento, there is no such barrier involved. Magento supports multiple languages on the website and people can make transactions in any currency, using any mode of payment. So, if you are targeting an international audience, you know that Magento is your best catch.

  • Multiplicity of Tools

    Magento has a number of tools that make the marketing and promotion task easy. It has search engine optimization tools which help you keep your website on higher rankings in the search engines. It has tools that generate various coupon codes and offer discounts, which create better shopping experiences for the users.

  • App Development

    Magento offers the facility to integrate your e-Commerce website with mobile applications, so that the users are able to access your web store at any time, from anywhere, in a simplified manner.

Zehntech’s Magento Services

Magento is developed such that even a layman can use it for creating an online store, but to make the best use of its features, taking a deeper dive is necessary, which is a professional’s work. We have an experienced team of Magento Developers, who have a creative insight of things into offering you amazing services for your Magento e-Commerce Website.

Magento Development Services

Our developers have customized solutions for you, where they create strong, functional and responsive websites with custom themes and modules.

We understand your need for uniqueness and create website designs that define you and your business.

We develop modules and plugins so that you can add additional functionalities to your web store.

With our Magento Development Services, you can be sure to have exceptional web stores for your business and take your business to a whole new level.

Magento Migration Services

If you have your e-Commerce website on some other platform and want to bring it on Magento, you can rely on us to do the work for you. Our developers migrate your existing website and web store on Magento in no time, with all your data, customer information and orders remaining in place.

We also upgrade your existing website on Magento to its better versions as and when they come.

Magento Integration Services

Integrating your website with your ERP, CRM and other APIs help you reach out more people and more areas. With Magento integrations, you can offer your users excellent shopping experience and enhance the performance and productivity from your web stores. We offer you all kind of integration services that you can avail of on Magento.

We help you integrate your ERP with your Magento website so that you can have a better view of your web store and manage it more efficiently.

With the CRM integrations, you can maintain better relationships with your customers by keeping all your customer information and data streamlined with your web store.

We also integrate various plugin, extensions and modules with your website so that you can provide your users additional functionalities and deliver them what they need.

Magento Support and Maintenance Services

Just having an e-Commerce platform is not enough, you need to continuously upgrade it with new features to keep your customers interested and active on your website. You need to keep monitoring your website to check for any problems or bugs that may be hindering its smooth operation. We do all this support and maintenance work for you so that you can keep your focus on your business operations.

Magento Development

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