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Wix Development Services

Wix is a website built by creators who wanted to share their passions, talents, or ideas without the pain of hard coding a website or journeying down a complicated signup process.

Wix Web Development Services

Do you know why people prefer automatic cars over the traditional ones? It’s because they wish to stay away from the complexity of using the gears and same is in the case of a website, the more it is free from codes the more it can be handled by people from non-development background for example, an E-commerce store owner can use it on his own without the help of developers. Thus, when we talk about one such website WIX is the hero that comes first in our minds.

Zehntech being a pioneer in website development services for years, has a strong hand it Wix development services as well. Below are some of the key Wix development services we provide

Wix Site Setup and Customization

The Wix site setup and customization services we provide are as per your niche. The layouts, design, colors, fonts will be based on your preference and allow you full freedom to change it as per your needs. Our experts set up Wix quickly for your sheer convenience. At Zehntech we try customizing and handcrafting high quality custom Wix themes which suit your needs and are SEO friendly as well resulting in higher ranking for the page.

Wix Consultation Services

Our Wix consultation services will help us come with a blueprint of your website’s successful development and working and hence we provide a full consultation service with our experts, making your minds clear on what we both wish to achieve from the website we are going to build. This consultation will help us come to a common conclusion and eradicate the chances of any confusions and bring new ideas to the table which can be implemented on the website.

Wix Theme Development

Wix, being one of the most powerful platforms for website development allows theme customization and at Zehntech we provide the service of theme development as per the needs of our clients with the flexible layouts that can be altered for your requirements. Your website’s theme is the one that speaks about your work and the service you provide. We will be developing the theme as per your needs and as per the consultation we had.

Wix Migration Services

WIX Migration Service provided by Zehntech is a comprehensive solution that helps you migrate. We are here to let you join a worldwide Wix community and convert your website to Wix effortlessly. Zehntech can ensure no downtime on your current store and highest data security level! We have experts who are well trained in migration and thus have immense experience in migrating websites from multiple platforms.

Wix API Integration Services

Its APIs allow us to take full control of the site’s functionality and can be used to interact with page elements, site’s database content, and external services. We provide fully managed API integration service because developing one time integration is not the actual challenge making them functional over a long period of time is the real challenge.

Wix Web Designing Services

Being experts in web design and development our team at Zehntech know the designs that can contribute to your better online presence and thus we will work to serve you better than the one you ordered. You can hire your Wix designer from Zehntech and create designable templates and other web pages to promote your business and run it in top gear.

Wix Mobile Optimization Services

If you’re not building your website to be mobile responsive, you’re doing it wrong. You’re not only cutting out a large portion of your audience, you’re cutting out the majority. Websites definitely need to be accessible from mobile devices and for this it must be optimized in a manner which makes it mobile friendly and easy to use with a responsive layout.

Wix 24/7 Support and Maintenance Services

We never stop our work just after delivering you the website we developed, client satisfaction is our utmost priority and hence keeping that in mind we provide 24/7 support and maintenance. At Zehntech, we live up to our name. Whether for on-site assistance, technical support, or remote support, we are here to ensure our customers’ success and end-users’ business productivity.

Wix SEO Services

Even after having the best ever website built with immense expertise and technicality the need of SEO is very important. Website without SEO is like a ship in the sea sailing without any direction. Our SEO experts will make your Wix website rank higher at the search results page and increase its traffic day by day. We will act like a lighthouse for your website and make it reach the right audience with appropriate and authentic means ensuring the right SEO techniques both on and off page.

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Why Should I Choose Wix Over Other Website Development Platforms?

Why choose Wix for your next website? Wix being used by such a huge audience is one the best and most important it is the easiest website development platform and thus being such a robust platform Wix provides the following benefits, just remember Wix has other features as well just few of them are mentioned below

Easy To Use

Wix requires minimal coding and thus makes its usage super easy. In Fact, most of the users who shifted over Wix from other platforms conveys that the reason behind the shift is the ease which Wix provides.

Upgraded Design Templates

Wix contains a huge set of design templates already present in it for free. These templates cover the needs of all the important industries and thus are a one-step solution for most of them.

AI-based Website Design

Wix provides you AI-based website design, you just need to select some basic requirements and your website will be built by Wix in a few steps. An editor will be provided to you for any other changes if you wish to implement.

Robust customer support

Wix which is built to ease the workload has a massive support system and thus provides support videos as well so that if you get stuck at any place you can just go through the support guidelines to get your work done.

Great features

Wix has its own built-in ecosystem of apps that can be installed to add specific features or functionality to your site. For instance, if you need a blog section, live chat or site search functionality, simply install the corresponding apps and you’re done. 

A little Overview on Wix Usage

We cannot use the idiom old is gold for Wix because it is not one of the traditional ways of website development but Wix is the one which updated itself in a manner the technology is growing and thus improved the functionalities to provide ease to the users. As a result, Wix, which came into the market in 2006, will reach 200 million users in 2022 and what about the future? Wix estimates they will make 14 billion in revenue in the next 10 years.


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Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of full-service hotels and resorts and the flagship brand of American multinational hospitality company Hilton.

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Why Choose Zehntech for Wix Website Development ?

On Time Delivery

At Zehntech we believe in punctuality. We care for your time as well as ours and thus work is lined up in a manner that gives us enough time to deliver your project on time with sufficient extra time which will ensure that your desired success is not hammered due to some bugs if any. You will be informed about the progress in your project from time to time along with a date on which the project will be delivered to you by our team.

User Friendly​

Being associated with the SEO world we are well aware of the importance of a mobile friendly website as well. Our developers along with the experts have immense experience in the responsiveness of the website and hence we have a team to ensure the same, your website developed by us will be user friendly with the right size of fonts, appropriate call to actions etc.


With the increased usage of websites and apps the charges for developing the same have also reached to new heights but Zehntech being a grounded company is well aware of the extra unwanted charges you might be bearing and thus we prefer cutting them off. Hence getting your Wix website developed with Zehntech will help you get it done at affordable rates.

Drag and Drop Interface

Wix makes it easy to customize your website using their drag-and-drop feature, and it does not require that you know any coding language to do it. And at Zehntech we ensure adding this feature to your Wix website will save you from making things complicated and thus you don’t have to know how to manipulate the code.

Amazing Templates

If you are looking for quality and custom templates for your websites Wix development by Zehntech proves to be your best solution and our designers develop excelling templates and layouts for your Wix websites. We can even customize built-in layouts for your businesses’ websites based on requirement.

Built-in SEO Functionality

If we talk about SEO, Zehntech has a team of SEO experts, but again Wix has a built in SEO and thus the websites we develop are SEO-optimized by our team and have built-in features. We focus on all the required SEO needs and work accordingly inculcating the necessary SEO options.

Great Security Majors

Everyone wishes to have a website which is fully secured and thus in website development by Zehntech you can rely upon our security measures and thus with the Wix features and tools for website security we have created a fully secured website for you. Along with this Wix’s sites are HTTPS compliant and can improve ranking in Search results.

Device Independent

For all or maximum of the website devices Wix website is well optimized and the websites developed by the Zehntech experts are fully responsive which can be accessed by multiple smart devices based on the discern of the users. And thus, the needs of customers are our priority and there is no place for failure.

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