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    WordPress is one of the most robust CMS available today for the purpose of website development and content management. And the platform has most essentially gained its popularity due to its amazing flexibility for expanding its capabilities through plugins, themes, and other third-party applications. All you need is WordPress Integration Services. And with us, you can get the most extensible services that will amazingly boost your website’s capabilities and functionalities.

    Extend the Capabilities of Your WordPress Website with Integration

    In the competitive business world today, it is not just enough for you to create your own functional website. What you need is to create a niche for that website by leaving out great and fantastic user experiences. And you can do it when your website has every single feature that your users seek. However, even with a robust platform like WordPress, it is not possible to readily have every feature and functionality on a simple basic website.

    But the flexibility of the platform to expand its capabilities is what makes it popular. So, although you cannot readily have every feature and functionality on a basic WordPress website, you can integrate every functionality you want in it through robust WordPress Integration Services. Be it themes, plugins, or any other third-party applications like payment gateways, ERP/CRM system, and the like; you can integrate it all on your WordPress website and expand the functionalities for a better functioning website.

    Our WordPress Integration Services

    WordPress Integration can add up amazing capabilities to your website and enhance its functionalities by many times. And we are here to help you with every kind of integration you will ever need. 

    WordPress Theme Integration

    The theme of your website sets the complete look of it and you want to keep it highly unique and appealing. For this purpose, it is always preferable that you have a custom theme developed for your website so that it matches your business model, needs, and requirements. This custom developed theme needs to be integrated on your WordPress website at a later stage. We offer this theme integration services seamlessly putting your custom theme on your website to give it the look and feel just like you had expected. We can also integrate other themes you develop at a later stage.

    WordPress ERP/CRM Integration

    The ERP/CRM system of your organization contains the complete database and records of your clients and customers and is thus a very important software for your business. Integration of this system with your WordPress website can offer amazing capabilities by eliminating the needs for manual updation of data and switching between the website and the ERP/CRM system. The integration syncs the website with the system and a change in one is reflected on the other. So, things become highly convenient. We offer for this integration so that you can have the two most important things relating to your website completely linked with each other.

    WordPress API Integration

    The various third-party applications can add up many features to your website. For instance, you can add a payment gateway on your e-commerce store, or you can integrate a shopping cart over it, or you can integrate an application dedicated to email marketing and build up your e-mail list, and there are many more things you can do. We offer for all such integrations with our WordPress API integration services so that you can have added functionalities available out of the WordPress platform right on your WordPress website.

    WordPress Plugin Integration

    The platform has a huge plugin directory containing addons for additional features and functionalities on your website. If you want such plugins for added functionalities, you need to integrate them into your WordPress website by installing and running them. We offer for this integration in an effortless manner so that you never miss out on any feature that is needed by your users. With good plugins on your website, you can offer fantastic user experiences that will help boost your website performance.

    Why Zehntech?

    We follow the best industry practices for making your website go through seamless and effortless integrations with our skilled team. Here is what makes us one of the best WordPress Integration Services Providers in the industry.

    Skilled Team

    We have a well-built team of skilled and experienced experts who exactly know how to perform their job with the best possible approach. It is this skilled team that is behind delivering the best in class WordPress Integration Services to enhance the capabilities of the websites by many times.

    Reasonable Pricing

    While providing the best in class services, we also make sure that you find the services worth their price. All our packages are reasonably prices and you are sure to find the costs a fantastic catch for availing our robust services.

    All-time Support

    Our work does not end at the integration itself. We offer you an all-time support for the services that we have offered you and you can easily reach us through calls, messages, or emails, both during the project as well as after the project is closed and you are finding any difficulty subsequently.

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    WordPress Integration Services FAQs

    This totally depends on the type of integration that you are seeking out. Plugins are readily available and can be integrated to your website very quickly. However, if these plugins are to be custom developed then you have to wait for the development before integration so, it would take a little longer. The same is the case with the WordPress themes. Integrating API and ERP/CRM system can be quite a bit more time-consuming process because a completely new application comes over the platform, so it requires time for them to sync together. We make efforts to deliver your all types of integration services quicky and efficiently taking the least possible time periods. Also, with speed, we never compromise on the quality. So, with us you can get the most robust of WordPress integration services in the least of time and that too with high quality.

    The cost again depends on the type and level of integration you want. We have the most reasonable packages available for WordPress Integration Services that will be worth paying the price for. Get in touch so that we can discuss your project in detail and then we can quote you the most reasonable price that we are sure that you would agree to in a jiffy.

    We shall always be available to help you out with any problems that you face with the integration at any point in time. We offer an all-time support for our services and you can easily reach us out through calls, messages, and emails.

    Yes, we will update all the themes and plugins that we integrate on your website. This essentially forms a part of our WordPress Maintenance and Technical Support Services. So, you can take up those services from us and have your website up to date all the time without any efforts.

    WordPress Integration Services

    At Zehntech we offer all type of WordPress Integration Services. If you are looking to any integration like Plugin Integration, API Integration , ERP/CRM Integration etc. then our WordPress experts can help you.

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