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We have a team of experienced WordPress experts, who will be happy to help you in Maintaining the website secure and functional

    So, you have your robust and functional website created on the WordPress platform to boost your business through an online presence. But what next? Your website is surely not going to run on its own. It requires continuous maintenance and monitoring to serve its purpose.

    But you do not want to invest your time in that. All you have to do is take up to our WordPress Website Maintenance and Technical Support Services and leave the job to us so that you can pay attention to your other important business functions. 

    Catering to All Your WordPress Website Maintenance Needs

    Online presence is on everyone’s mind today and every business is creating its own functional and robust WordPress website to create this presence for a boosted visibility and reach amongst the customers. But then, just creating a website is not enough. What happens is, you find all your time being consumed with just that website, maintaining it, managing it. As a result, all your other important strategic functions suffer. And this will ultimately fail the complete purpose of your website. So, what you need is a support and maintenance partner for your WordPress website. And we can offer you that support and maintenance in the most efficient ways so that you can keep the burden off your head and focus on the other important and strategic jobs which require more of your attention.

    WordPress Website Maintenance and Technical Support Services

    Be it website monitoring, testing, fixing, maintenance, management, or support; we provide all-round and comprehensive services covering each of these areas.

    Website Testing and Monitoring

    WordPress is a popular platform and due to that reason it is highly prone to getting affected by bugs and viruses introduced in your website by the attackers and hackers. This puts the security of the website in a fix. So, what is needed is to continually test and monitor the website for bugs and other viruses so that they can be fixed well within time without hampering the security of your website. We offer these testing and monitoring service continuously so that you are not burdened with any kind of website management function and can focus on your other strategic jobs.

    Speed & Performance Optimization

    The speed of the website matters a lot for the user experiences through it. You need to achieve as high speeds and as low page loading time on your website to make sure that your website is performing good at desired levels and making the traffic stay on it. For this, you need to continuously optimize the speed of your website. Also, it is essential that your website always remember uptime so that it is always accessible by your customers and visitors. We perform all these speed and performance optimization services. We also continuously monitor the uptime of your website and take necessary steps if it goes downtime. 

    Regular Data Backups

    Your website contains a lot of important data. There is your complete database, other media files, product details, order details, and customer details (in case of a WooCommerce site). Any loss of such data can run you into some major troubles and difficulties. So, it is important that you always keep an offline backup of all the data on your website. We perform these backups for you on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis as per your requirements so that all your data is always safe with you and there is no problem even in cases of website crash or other attacks by the hackers.

    Regular Updates

    WordPress keeps coming up with updates and upgrades for the themes and plugins on the website. These updated themes and plugins work amazingly to enhance the look, feel, features, and functionalities of your website and give out better user experiences. But to avail of the benefits, you need to keep up with these upgrades and updates and download, install, and run them on your website. We take care about all of these and make sure that your website has all the latest features and functionalities to give out the best user experiences. 

    Why Zehntech?

    With the range of WordPress Website Maintenance and Tech Support Services we offer, we can be your ultimate solution for all your website management problems. Here are some reasons telling you about why we can be your best choice for the services.

    Expert Team

    We have an expert team of top-notch and experienced WordPress developers who are well-versed with every aspect of website management and maintenance. They carefully look into every aspect of your website and make sure that each and every feature and functionality of the website is working to the best of its abilities and expectations.

    All-time Support

    Website maintenance is not a one-time job. It requires continuous monitoring, testing, and fixing. We make sure that we stand by you every step of the way offering all these services along with an all-time support for any of your needs related to website maintenance and technical support.

    Reasonably Priced Package

    Website maintenance is a continuous process and you have to keep a budget for it every month. And you obviously do not want a package that puts a big hole in your pocket every single month. So, here we come with the most reasonably priced packages for the maintenance and technical support of your website.

    WordPress Support and Maintenance Service FAQs


    The cost of the services depends on the features you are wanting in them, for instance the frequency of data backups on website, the frequency of testing and updates etc. We have the most affordable packages for the most robust and effective website maintenance and support services. You can get in touch and we can discuss the best package for you based on the requirements. 

    Yes, we manage and maintain all your customized themes and plugins. Keeping your website up to date so that it gives out the best user experiences at every instance is what we aim at and we manage and maintain every single thing on your website to ensure this.

    Very Important. A well-managed hosting service is a key to a well-maintained website. So, you must always take hosting from a good hosting services provider so that you can have your website maintained and managed well.  

    Looking for WordPress Support and Maintenance Services?

    We are having a team of WordPress experts, that can help you to keep your WordPress platform up to date, and save website from any security leak.

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