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How to Automate Instance Snapshot Management in AWS EC2

Snapshot Management in AWS

To create a backup of your EC2 instances EBS snapshots play an important role. In this article, we are going to automate EBS volume snapshots, using Lambda and CloudWatch Events function for a daily backup and delete the snapshots after a particular limit of time.   Prerequisites AWS account IAM user in AWS account IAM… Continue reading How to Automate Instance Snapshot Management in AWS EC2

Raspberry Pi & Arduino UNO Current Measurement System

Raspberry Pi & Arduino UNO Current Measurement System

In this article, we show you how to measure the AC Current and AC Voltage using the ACS712 current sensor and ZMPT101B voltage sensor. In addition to the Wattmeter, this circuit also acts as a Voltmeter and Ammeter which are used to measure voltage and current, respectively. If the connection is correctly managed, ACS712 measures… Continue reading Raspberry Pi & Arduino UNO Current Measurement System

Is Odoo ERP System Right for Your Business? A Comprehensive Guide

Telemedicine Solutions for Betterment of the Healthcare Industry

Are you considering Odoo as your next ERP system? If yes, this might have raised a few common questions in your mind.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

We are all well aware of the fact that even search engines prefer the sites which has a high loading speed. It is said that user experience is greatly influenced with the site speed. If the site loads quickly, the user of the site is more likely to retain which will increase the traffic on… Continue reading How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site?

SPFx+React or SPFx+Angular – Which One to Choose?

SPFx+React or SPFx+Angular

In this article there is a quick & crisp comparison between the two open-source UI web frameworks – React & Angular that can be coupled with SharePoint framework aka SPFx for client-side solution or web part development.

Apache JMeter vs Selenium: Which One Is The Best?

Apache Jmeter vs Selenium

Apache JMeter and Selenium are two of the most popular testing tools, but each has a uniquely different scope. In this article, we will compare both tools and consider which one is better and how they work?

How to Utilize Python to Make Data Scraping Quicker and Easier

Web Scraping is the process of fetching useful data from the website. This also plays an important role in data analysis and competitive analysis. In Python it is easy to automate the process of data collecting using web scraping.

Apache Airflow and Its Alternatives – An Inside Look

Apache Airflow and Its Alternatives

Apache Airflow is an open-source tool. It helps you monitor, schedule, and manage your workflows. Automation can be done with corporate operations such as backups, data warehousing, data testing, and so on.

This is How Jasmine and Karma Increased My Productivity by 80%

This is How Jasmine and Karma Increased My Productivity by 80%

If I say test cases can improve a developer’s coding skills and productivity, what comes to your mind first?

How to Build a Chat Application Without a Backend? 

I know, after reading the title, a lot of questions must have come to your mind how can a chat application build without a backend. But you read it right. We can build a chat application without using the backend!

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