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AWS Cloud computing for businesses
Advantages of AWS Cloud computing for businesses
Cloud Computing stores data over the Internet as well as accesses the data. It does not store any of the data on our personal computers. It is the availability of computer services such as servers, databases, networking, and data storage on demand. The critical goal of cloud computing is to
AWS Cloud Computing
How Easy is it to Get Started with AWS Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is a pool of on-demand resources gathered using virtualization. These resources are then offered for computing, network, and storage services which can be used for applications according to the desired requirements. AWS can help businesses grow tremendously in the market and get substantial growth by using AWS-provided services
Migration to Microsoft Azure
7 Essential Tips for a Seamless Migration to Microsoft Azure
With the new advancement in the technologies of future generations and to cope with the increasing demands, it is quite necessary to scale up or down with the requirements of the product. You are required to start your migration process by analyzing and planning your migration with proper insights.Azure provides
Snapshot Management in AWS
How to Automate Instance Snapshot Management in AWS EC2
To create a backup of your EC2 instances EBS snapshots play an important role. In this article, we are going to automate EBS volume snapshots, using Lambda and CloudWatch Events function for a daily backup and delete the snapshots after a particular limit of time.   Prerequisites AWS account IAM
Is Salesforce More Than Just CRM? Exploring Its Versatility and Value
The CRM sector has been transformed by Salesforce. Salesforce has become the market leader in CRM due to its many cloud offerings, simple learning curve, and low cost. Before we discuss why Salesforce is more than simply a CRM, it's essential to understand what CRM is. And how the CRM
AWS Cloud Computing Features
6 Amazing Key Features of AWS Cloud Computing
To scale a business within a few minutes, you need to work on increasing more resources in your infrastructure and setting up a team to maintain the infrastructure. All this requires a huge of capital to be invested, which can be useless after the project suffers downfall or after peak

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