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Build a Responsive Website with Odoo Website Build

In Just 20 Minutes Build a Responsive Website with Odoo Website Builder

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Yes, you read it right, it is possible to build a responsive website in just 20 Mins with the help of Odoo website builder. The Odoo website builder helps you to create a beautiful and stunning website that too within a minimal time period. Odoo with its advanced features provides many snippets for multiple requirements as well as social icons which can be easily used. So are you ready to build highly interactive and responsive website in a few clicks? Read further to know more.

Create a Website With Odoo Website Builder

In Odoo website builder there is a default website template available called My Website you can edit it as per your need or you can create your own website instead of the default website. Build website in Odoo by following the steps given below: 

Go to website -> Configuration -> Websites -> Create 

You can choose name and domain of your website and also can add logo and default language of the website. 

image 24

Create Header and Menus of Website

Go to your website and click on edit option, Now you can create your website according to your layout. Click on header of website you can see various templates of headers based on multiple functionalities and layouts like position of logo and menus, various types of buttons and social icons etc. Choose any template as per your need. You can edit menus and sub menus in the header, Click on any menu you will see the confirmation box, Click on edit the menu. You can add menus and sub menus here, set the sequence of menus and also set URL of page related to that menu. 

image 23 1 1
image 21 1 1

Create Body of Website

You can create body of a website by drag and drop of building blocks. Odoo website have multiple types of snippets  to create a website , you can create your own snippet as per your requirement. 


There are three options available by which you can manage layout of website. 

image 22 2


There are different types of snippets available as per their layouts like you can choose cover block for cover image of website, If you want to create layout for text and image together then you can choose text image snippet, there are snippets for heading, text, numbers by which you can manage text content of website.  


Many blocks are available to manage images of website, you can use image gallery or carousel for sliding multiple images, Columns block creates cards for images. If you want to show comparison between some products or anything else you can use Comparisons block. If you are creating a website for any restaurant or shop then you can use a price list block to define prices and categories of products. You can define quotes for your website by using a quotes block. Chart block can be used for creating a chart. Google Map block is also available, you can use it by API key.  


These are some basic building blocks of Odoo website, there are many more blocks are available in Odoo website, also you can develop a new block as per your requirement. You can create a stunning website with full of media and functionalities by just drag and drop of building blocks. 


With this section you can manage any particular block. You can set background color, height, width, position, no of columns. You can replace media and manage font size, font color etc. There are multiple options available according to specific blocks to manage the style of that block.


With this section you can manage the style of the whole website like layout of page, font style of website, padding, border, button style etc. 

Theme of website

In the options section theme colors are available for the website. Theme color sets color of header, footer, buttons etc. There is a default theme color palette added for the website, you can set theme color website as per your choice. 

Create a footer of website

The default template of footer is available in Odoo for the website, you can edit it as per your layout or you can select a new template for your website. There are many templates available for footer based on position of logo, alignment of text, no of columns and buttons. 


Odoo website provides many social icons like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can use them in your website and make your website more interactive. 

Language selectors

Odoo website provides language selectors for the website you can enable or disable as per your need. Multiple languages can be added to your website in Odoo. You can use just a flag of language or you can use flag or text both. 

Types of Websites We Can Cuild With Odoo Website Builder

Business websites

You can create websites for your business with the help of Odoo website builder. Business websites can be informational or eCommerce both. 


Portfolio provides professional information about any individual company or it is a showcase of their work. You can create a portfolio of your company very easily with the help of Odoo. 


You can write blogs with Odoo website. Odoo website contains multiple blocks for text, you can use them and create a fabulous blog. 

ECommerce website

ECommerce website allows you to buy or sell any product online. You can develop ECommerce websites very easily with the help of Odoo. You just have to install ECommerce module in your Odoo instance.  

This module provides shopping facilities, payment facility etc. You can add products to sell from front end only and also you can add description of product and can set price of product. 


ECommerce module provides a cart for shopping and it generates bill automatically based on price and quantity. You can also track your order on the Odoo ECommerce website.  

Event websites

Event website is created for any event by the event planner. Odoo website contains many blocks for images, text and animation, you can create a beautiful event website with Odoo and you can add interesting content for your audience. 

Personal websites

These can be created by anybody for their personal use. Personal websites can contain resumes, bio, blog etc.  

Informational websites

Informational websites represent the experience or work of any organization. It provides some detailed information about any company. It can contain the future goals of any organization. 

A place for big ideas.

Reimagine organizational performance while delivering a delightful experience through optimized operations.


To sum up, Odoo with its no code characteristic acts like an automatic car which can be driven by anybody without learning the use of gears. Also if you wish to update your website’s content more often Odoo website would be the best and quickest solution for you with reduced need of technical expertise. 


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