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An Agile Development Approach

An organized, process-oriented approach always delivers fantastic outcomes. We follow a well-defined procedure of working to bring your vision into a picture-perfect frame. We strive to deliver great projects in short, reasonable durations and offer the desired quality of products and services to make happy clients.

Process of work

We follow the agile software development approach and scrum methodology for executing our projects. Agile Software Development is a proven method for achieving great outcomes in a time-bound manner. It is also flexible enough to help incorporate changes at any stage of the project.


Project Kickoff

It is always important to get into the depth of things and have a clear understanding of them to leverage out the best from it. We follow a detail-oriented approach, where we thoroughly discuss with you about your vision, your needs, what you require and how you are planning to achieve it. Once we get the rough sketch of what you want, there begins the task of creating a working model of the whole idea.

Work Sprint Planning

After getting an insight into the project requirements, we start with planning the tasks to accomplish the desired results in a reasonable time-frame. We list down all the tasks and arrange the list items, according to the flow. Divide the tasks into sprints, which usually range from 1-4 weeks, defining tasks to be completed per sprint.

Project Kickoff

After completion of each sprint, there is a meeting to review the progress and to discuss the next steps towards project completion. Since tasks are divided, there is a potentially shippable increment to be delivered after every sprint, which is a sum total of all the tasks completed during that sprint.


After this sprint review, newsprint is planned which is retrospective from the previous sprint so that the outcomes of the previous sprint are integrated into the newsprint.

Product Development

The product development starts right after the sprint is planned and tasks are done in small iterations. There are daily scrums to discuss what tasks have been done, what tasks are to be done, problems encountered and improvements to be made. This is done throughout the project which ensures that the process of product development is smooth.

Go Live

This is the stage where all the efforts put in are ready to deliver value and the code can finally be deployed onto the server.


We understand that a product often encounters problems at a later stage and requires proper maintenance. We are here for the continuous maintenance of the product that we deliver, so that your working does not get hampered at any point in time.

Team Extension

Our collaboration does not end upon the completion of the project and delivering of the product. We are here to build relationships and we will stand by you every point of the way as your extended team.

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