QuickOrientation: LearnDash Integration and Customization

QuickOrientation is an eLearning platform that creates orientation and training courses, exams, and certifications with your company's objectives in mind. Through their Learndash website, they assist you in swiftly and successfully maintaining and streamlining your orientation series. Zehntech helped them in integrating the WordPress LMS plugin Learndash as well as other capabilities for developing online courses.

Business Challenge

The client designs online training courses and provides certifications. As per the recent trends, eLearning is considerably above traditional training in using cutting-edge instructional design methods. The client had to stand along with current eLearning trends and deliver excellent and valuable user experiences. However, creating a functional and robust LearnDash website perfect in all aspects, listing every client's service and providing every information that the visitors are seeking over the targeted platform was a business challenge.


We have huge experience working in a similar industry that exceeds the client expectations, and our team of expert professionals were well resourced to meet their requirements. We are responsible for end-to-end development and took care of every aspect from designing and development, customization, integration, performance and developed a functional and robust WordPress Learndash website for the company. We had used the axiom-university theme for the primary Domain and created a custom theme for On Customer domains. We delivered the website on the latest version and used the Learndash Version 3.0. Apart from that, we focused on other functionalities and integrations such as Multisite Environment, i.e., each customer of Admin has its subdomain website, created a neat and clean Custom dashboard design with graphics for Company admin, Customized environment for course reading and access and many others. We delivered the project within a set timeline and met the client expectations at their best.

30 Days



Working Hours

Jun 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

We delivered the fully functional LearnDash website by keeping in mind the client expectations and increasing their completion rates. Also, create an immersive learning experience for the brand as well as their customer.

Our Client Says

Team Zehntech has done a very commendable job. They deliver the solution fulfilling all the expectations and in a predictable timeline. The team is highly knowledgeable in the required domain and applied it efficiently in providing the website. I would love to work with them again.

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