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Resume Digital is an exclusively designed web application that eases the hiring procedure. This low code application built over Salesforce eliminates the complexity of managing multiple resumes and accelerates the recruitment process. The motive of the application is to provide the employer with a streamlined dashboard that reduces the need for manual insertion of information which also terminates the chances of human errors.

Business Challenge

From a startup to an MNC, every organization has to go through multiple profiles to select the right person for any particular post, which consumes time and effort. Keeping a manual record of these resumes and editing them if needed is a hand full of tasks with chances of incorrect filling of information or loss of records.


Resume Digital is a modern, intuitive solution to an everlasting lengthy hiring procedure. The application is built keeping in mind the employer's basic needs while initiating a hiring drive in an organization or selecting the right candidate from a wide list of potential ones.

●The application is a lucrative solution that involves a 2-step resume upload functionality in PDF format, which results in the extraction of basic details in the resume like the name of the candidate, his/her contact information, current organization, and email address.

●Another essential feature of this application is the candidate profiles section. A complete list of all the uploaded resumes with the candidates' names. The list displays some basic details extracted from the uploaded resumes, which can be edited then and there.

●The details of any candidate can also be extracted for further use.

10 Days


Aug 2022

Working Hours

80 Hours

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

We leveraged the benefits of Salesforce to develop an impressively crafted application that streamlines the hiring procedure. This reduces manual efforts and increases accuracy in filling in the candidate details. Since employers would often want to know a bit more about the resumes, they received to shortlist the potential ones, the multiple views of the resumes are perhaps something that provides a better analysis of the profiles available and improves the hiring scenario.

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