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Redmineflux is a powerful, intuitive project management tool developed to make managing multiple projects & teams easier & efficient. Built on the open-source ecosystem of, Redmineflux allows seamless customization and adds utilitarian features to ensure higher productivity & flexibility. 

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What sets Redmineflux apart? 

Seeing these limitations as an opportunity, we’ve built Redmineflux to offer an affordable, flexible, and feature-rich project management tool that can be used by organizations of any size and type. Redmineflux can also be used for managing & optimizing large-scale IT projects.

A good project management tool covers all three aspects of project management – Cost, Time, & Quality. Zehntech has built Redmineflux keeping in mind all three aspects.

Using the open-source nature of Redmine, we’ve also developed various plugins to make up for the missing features in Redmine. The features are designed & included in this tool to help users streamline workflow, communication, & collaboration.

At Zehntech, we believe in continuous improvement to ceaselessly be able to meet our customers’ needs. To do so, we incessantly keep adding new, more useful features to Redmineflux and enhance the functioning of the existing ones. 

The gap in the market

There is a multitude of adequate project management tools in the market. However, there are certain limitations to the capabilities of most of the popular solutions available. The tools available: 

Are overpriced

We found that there is a lack of an affordable project management tool. The existing project management tools in the market are priced very high, with most of them charging more than $2 per user. With these rates, it is financially challenging for small & medium-sized organizations to afford such tools.

Lack flexibility

Due to vendor locking, most of the popular solutions do not provide users with the flexibility to migrate their system to their on-prem system or self-hosting model.

Are not suitable for IT projects

Most project management solutions available out there are unsuitable for managing large-scale IT projects or complex workflows. In such projects, multiple teams with a large number of people are involved. Ultimately, the software cost for the company needing it would also go high really fast in such cases.

Key Features of Redmineflux

Agile Board

Get a sophisticated, well-structured overview of all tasks spread across various teams with Agile Task Boards. It breaks down large & complex projects into smaller, manageable tasks so your teams can work in productive sprints to move faster. 

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image 377 1

A feature that helps in aligning & enhancing customer communication. Through this centralized feature, you can receive, organize, respond to, filter, and manage requests. Help desk enables your support team to provide the best service to your customers more effectively. 

Gantt Chart 

Gantt charts illustrate & visualize work completed & milestones achieved over time and track progress with respect to the duration planned for the tasks/achievements. It has features for assigning tasks and resources, creating schedules, & staying updated on the project status. 

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image 376 9
Custom Dashboard 

Easily customizable dashboards to give users a complete overview of performance & project status. It also provides reports that offer deep, real-time, & critical insights to enable confident decision making and faster achievement of milestones. 


Tags in Redmineflux facilitate easy organizing & labeling of tasks and comments into logical categories related to teams, clients, and more. These can also be used for classifying & prioritizing work, and filtering tasks & looking for certain tasks. 

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Through the mentions feature, users can mention other users in their organization in projects, chats, & comments. This is helpful in notifying the person & getting their attention regarding a task or in a discussion. 

Project Template 

Every business is different & has different demands and requirements. We have integrated easily customizable, systematic project templates in Redmineflux that can be tailored to accommodate & fulfil a project's specific requirements.  

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Issue Template 

Stay on top of any bugs and issues with the Issues template for Redmineflux. Detect, remediate, & eliminate issues to develop bug-free products. Proactively remediate issues before they snowball into a bigger problem by detecting bugs way in advance.


Keep track of work pending & accomplished for billable clients with time logs & timesheets to ensure on-time project delivery. This feature is helpful in getting a clear idea of workload on team members, identifying project bottlenecks, & eliminating the issues. 

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Resource Planning & Management 

With our smart resource management feature, users can effectively distribute work amongst team members. The feature is in the form of a chart that gives you an idea of workload on different team members to see who is overloaded, occupied, or free. 

Knowledge Base 

Simplify complicated, messy documentation with Redmineflux. Using this feature for building a comprehensive knowledge base for organized documentation as well as product requirements. Add features like page tree & advanced search. 

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Testcase Management 

An easy-to-use feature for streamlining & managing test cases, plans, & execution. The feature is developed to minimize human effort and ensure efficient comprehensive testing. 

Inline Editor and Issue Table Inline Editor 

Inline editor in Redmineflux lets users easily edit any parameter or detail, such as estimation and due dates. The Inline editor plugin is intended to enable flexibility of editing issue details without having to switching between multiple windows. 

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DevOps Plugin  

A plugin that facilitates GIT integration and Build integration. This plugin in Redmineflux also lets you manage CI+CD pipelines. 

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