Various Benefits of Developing a Website on Salesforce


Salesforce is a platform that comes with both SaaS and PaaS services. Several businesses use Salesforce CRM software to take care of different business activities, e.g., creating contacts, managing leads, generating reports, and many more. While Salesforce can organize all the business challenges, Salesforce CMS can also help set up a website for your business. Thus, it has become a preferable choice for medium to larger organizations within a short span of time due to its wide range of features, including almost no need for custom coding.

But before moving to its exclusive advantages, let’s understand the emergence of technological advancement, which lead to a sudden innovation in website building.

Statista research shows there were around five billion active Internet users till April 2022, making it 63 percent of the world’s population.

With this huge number of internet users worldwide, businesses realized the importance of providing their services and products online. This need for an online presence led to website development. Websites are an essential part of every organization, which helps businesses to connect with their potential and existing customers at their fingertips. And building the same over a responsive, user-friendly platform like Salesforce CMS will empower it with multiple other functionalities.

Before delving into whether Salesforce CMS is a suitable fit for your company, consider how having a website will benefit it.

5 Benefits of Having a Website for your Business

Online Presence

Websites are a very quick and easy way to create an online presence. Websites have capabilities to showcase your products and make them available online for users so they can buy them even without visiting the stores physically. Businesses can list their services, details, and other necessary information.

Digital Marketing 

Marketing is no longer offline-centric, currently, there are multiple ways to optimize your online presence via digital marketing. Thus to implement those strategies, you need to have a website; an effective website can convert prospective customers. 

Update Announcements 

A website can be available 24/7 for users, making it a great medium to share the latest updates and announcements. The modern age websites can now send Push Notifications even when the user is not currently present on the website.


Having a website is a must for any business to showcase its digital capabilities. Every prospect or a possible customer tries to inspect the product before buying it, and that’s where websites can save the business. Companies can showcase their product details and reviews on websites. This also builds trust in users.

Insights and Analytics 

This is the most underrated perk of having a website. Websites can show analytical information about the products and their user base.

We have discussed why it is essential to have a website; if you don’t have a website, you are probably losing out on various opportunities. Once we have developed a website, it is also important to keep in mind that the website should be up-to-date with the latest information about your business or products. This regular maintenance helps to keep the user’s trust.

Developing websites and maintaining them can be a challenging task, especially for small businesses or owners who don’t want to hire a bunch of developers to create and maintain their websites. Instead, they need a tool (or, I must say, a website builder) that can help them to create websites quickly in no time, and these tools can be accessed with very low knowledge of programming.

Several website builder tools are available to create websites, and Salesforce is one of them. In this article, we will discuss why Salesforce stands out among others.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that is based on multi-tenant architecture. It provides a 360 view of your organization and has solutions for almost every business requirement.

Salesforce CMS also makes creating websites for your organization easy and can manage such tasks efficiently, e.g., product inventory, product details, sales reports, dashboards, etc.

Salesforce’s Sites functionality and makes creating and managing public websites feasible. Since Salesforce manages the website, we don’t need to make any extra effort in managing the servers, data centers, etc. It can do all this work by itself; thus, we can focus on the website’s content.

Salesforce also provides custom domain integration with the Sites pages so that users can find the websites on the domain name of their choice.

When Salesforce Website can be a Good Fit for your Business?

If you wish to make a digital presence in this modern age and you are already a Salesforce customer, Salesforce CMS can be your best option. It produces websites for almost all your business needs. However, Salesforce is most effective when it comes to creating more information-based websites, e.g., News websites, Product/Service Catalogs, Travel booking websites, etc.

Let’s Discuss the Domains which get Benefit from Salesforce


Salesforce websites are a good fit for the healthcare industry. Hospitals can list their specialties, doctors, and timings. It also provides appointment booking services. There are unlimited use cases where Salesforce websites can help healthcare companies, hospitals, and pharma companies.

Pharma companies can showcase their product catalog, and they can also publish newsletters on a timely basis.

Further, Hospitals can use their website to provide an inquiry form for their patients to reach out to hospital administration and resolve their queries directly.


Salesforce websites can reduce the workload for education institutes and provide essential information to their students and staff. They can have inquiry forms, publish newsletters, etc. 


Salesforce websites can benefit e-commerce businesses or businesses that want to target users digitally. Companies can list their products to make them available 24/7 to purchase. Companies can list their product reviews, testimonials, etc.

Sales and Marketing

Salesforce’s dashboarding and reporting capabilities are pretty easy and more effective in operating sales and marketing strategies. Salesforce websites can onboard new prospect customers. Different functionalities of Salesforce can manage these new prospect leads.

Why Choose Salesforce as a website Builder Over Other Available Tools?

We discussed above that Salesforce CMS can be used to create websites for almost every domain and how it can help businesses to make their work more accessible by using Salesforce’s automation capabilities.

Now we will try to understand why Salesforce is a better platform for producing websites than its contemporaries.

Salesforce is a world leader in providing cloud-based SaaS services. It has all the capabilities to manage the cloud infrastructure, reporting, analytics, and all other hardware requirements needed for any website development. So, the business owners do not require to spend time and money managing the hardware; instead, they can focus on building the website.

Quick and Fast Development

From creating single-page websites to making a full fledge website that can serve different consumer needs can be built by Salesforce within a very short period. Further, it provides a vast library of ready-to-use components and free apps on the App exchange that can help to create a single-page website within an hour.

No Code 

Salesforce is a very beneficial solution for businesses that do not want to invest time and money in developing custom solutions and want high-performance solutions and low-code environments. It allows us to design and develop stellar websites and custom pages using capabilities such as reporting, which is very complex and time-consuming if we are going with custom development. Organization administrators with zero coding knowledge and experience can develop and host the websites using Salesforce’s Sites functionality.

Data Security

Salesforce ensures high standard security on websites built on its platform. It provides privacy control, data security, and user and role management. All user-related data, such as personal information, financial data, etc., are secured by default. We can also ensure what page should be visible to the public and what should be private.

Further, with Salesforce’s user and role management facility, it is pretty easy to control the flow of information; thus, we can decide which group of people can view, edit and delete any information.

Mobile First Design 

We live in a mobile-focused world where everyone tends to have a smartphone.

Statista report shows about 6,567 million active smartphone users, which will rise to 7690 million by 2027. Another Statista report says that about 58.99% of overall website traffic generates from smartphones.

The above stats show why it is important to have mobile-friendly websites to serve smartphone users. Salesforce provides a cost-effective and easy way to create dynamic web pages that can run seamlessly on all devices without heavy coding. 

Let’s have glimpses of a mobile view of the simple web page I created in just 5 minutes.


To sum up, Salesforce CMS is the right platform fit for your website development requirements. It empowers businesses to accelerate ROI by improving their digital presence with high-performing user-friendly websites. Stay tuned for more information on Salesforce websites.

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