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Comprehensive API integration and Management Services by Zehntech

APIs are pre-written pieces of code that are designed to perform certain functions on an app or a website. They can be referred to as “software mediators” that allow apps to connect and communicate with one another. Amalgamating the right set of Salesforce APIs into your website with the help of our Salesforce team can save you loads of time, money, and the effort of writing additional code. 

Zehntech offers its customers a complete set-up of API integration services. No matter what stage you are at, assessment or dynamic, we can integrate modern APIs to increase the agility and adaptability of your online platforms. In addition to integration, we also extend Salesforce API management services to ensure you incorporate result-driven solutions into your web platforms. Our team can also build custom API interfaces for your organization as per your requirements. 

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SOAP API & REST API – The Fundamental APIs of Salesforce

Every API existing in the Salesforce ecosystem is either built on a REST or SOAP API as they form the fundamental structure of every API.

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs, the original APIs of Salesforce, enable functions like creating, deleting, and updating records. It also enables aggregating search results from external applications. SOAP APIs need little-to-no maintenance and have the capacity of processing large data volumes. 

Representational State Transfer, REST APIs, are used for creating, reading, updating, as well as deleting (CRUD) records. It is also utilized for searching or querying data, accessing information related to limits in your company, and retrieving object metadata. In comparison to SOAP APIs, REST APIs are lighter, easier to develop and integrate, customizable, and dynamic. 

At Zehntech, our expert Salesforce integration experts possess the prowess of integrating both types of APIs into your web platforms with ease and without any disturbance to your day-to-day operations. 

Salesforce APIs We Can Integrate
and Manage for You

Connect REST API

Capable of accessing content and data from your notifications, CMS, & notifications and displaying the same in feeds. Connect REST API can be used for notifying users about changes and events, posting Chatter items on Twitter automatically, building interactive games, and showcasing feeds on intranet websites. 

Metadata API

If you wish to create custom fields, update Visualforce pages, modify existing customizations or certain security protocols, and export customizations in the XML format, our Salesforce API integration experts can help you with Metadata API integration services. 

User Interface API

This API lets you build smooth user interfaces that allow users to use and work with your Salesforce data and metadata. Users get to access synchronized, updated data from Salesforce Org through the easy-to-integrate, secure User Interface API.  

Streaming API

Using this API, you can stream almost real-time data and information that registers data changes that occur in your Salesforce Org. Our Salesforce experts can help you integrate push notification instances like PushTopic Events, Change Data Capture Events, Platform Events, and Generic events. 

Analytics REST API

Empower your web applications with Analytics REST API that provides you with imperative datasets, dashboards, and filters. The API also comes with shortcuts for manipulating duplicate datasets, creating new lenses or filters for data analyzation, and querying analytics. 

Tooling API

Merge your metadata with other systems while seamlessly processing complicated metadata types with finesse. Our Salesforce API integration team of experts can assist you with building customized development tools for applications, adding useful features to Lightning Platform tools, and creating tools specialized for new applications or integrations. 

Apex SOAP API & Apex

This API is chosen when the customary Salesforce SOAP APIs & REST APIs are not enough for certain integrations. These APIs come in handy when development is outsourced to external Salesforce API integration service providers, like Zehntech. 

Bulk API

Bulk API If your organization deals with a large amount of data, Bulk API enables you to edit a huge volume of records in just one, simple command. It doesn't matter if you are creating, updating, viewing, or deleting, this API lets you submit queries in bulk whose answers can be reviewed later. 

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Benefits of using API Integration

Outsourced functionalities

APIs empower you to outsource certain data, features, and functionalities with the help of standard interface. Using APIs, you can focus your efforts on building great web platforms, applications, and services while not having to figure out how you will get common but nuanced information. 

Secure & Encrypted

Being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem, all APIs by Salesforce are secure by default. Moreover, the data being transferred across Salesforce and your web platforms can be encrypted easily with the help of Transport Layer Security (TLS). The cloud-based CRM software containing a powerful set of tools for web development also has a secure sandbox environment for you to test your applications before deployment. 

Minimal human involvement

As Salesforce APIs enable smooth data transfers between desired applications and Salesforce, users do not have to enter the same data twice in different apps manually. With automation making your work easy, errors caused due to human involvement are also minimal. 

Useful data for every department

Be it accounting, EPR, or e-commerce, Salesforce supports connectivity with APIs of every domain. They also help sales and marketing team collect and use information about how their customers behave and make purchases. 

Enhanced productivity & adaptability

Integrating APIs removes the need to write code from scratch. Our developers utilize the existing code base and put it to use whenever and wherever to achievable the needed functionality in a fraction of the time. “Calling” API supplies your program with the required data or functionality. This kind of agility and adaptability enhances developer productivity. new products and better ways of doing business are  

How We Work
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First Contact 

In the initial discussion, we learn about your business, offerings, goals, challenges, & expectations.

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Key project requirements & deliverables are mutually decided & documented.

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Product Development 

All team members use their technological prowess, expertise, & experience to provide solutions as per business requirements.

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Quality Checks & Assurance 

The demo is put through vigorous quality checks & tests to ensure security & performance as per standards.

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UAT, Remediation, & Enhancements 

Your solution is tested by its intended audience before the final launch. Issues are fixed by experts & suggestions are accommodated.

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Final Launch 

After the success of UAT, the launch-ready product is handed over to you. We also provide support & training when you need it.

Why choose Zehntech


Complete Salesforce Experience

Our resource pool does not just possess proficiency and experience in API integration. They have expertise in other Salesforce services, including consulting, development, integration, customization, application migration, data import and export, and data backup services. 


Experience ranging industries

We offer end-to-end Salesforce API integration services to organizations across all industries and sectors leveraging the rich experience of our talent pool. 


Endless, on-demand support

We understand that getting acquainted with new tools, features, and functionalities takes time. At Zehntech, you get endless support for your queries and issues, whenever you need it. 


Client Satisfaction

As we follow a client-first approach, we aim to provide result-driven solutions by going that extra mile for our clients. Our goal is to deliver out-of-the-box solutions for all our clients enabling them to stay ahead of the curve. 

Convert Vision into Reality

Embrace the power of advanced technologies to achieve business goals faster. Talk to our technology experts today.

Success Stories

Corporations & ventures have felt a prodigious difference during and after collaborating with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to import a WSDL for keeping data access straightforward, you should consider integrating SOAP API. 

If you want to create Salesforce user interfaces for custom web apps and native mobile apps and custom web apps, you should integrate User Interface API. 

If your organization deals with large volumes of data and has to perform mass operations on them, Bulk API is the API you should integrate. 

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