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    Import or export your data from point A to B securely

    Businesses of all kinds today have to deal with sensitive, confidential information, which includes client information, customer transaction history, and financial reports on their legacy systems. To make the most of your data, it is critical to migrate this data to your Salesforce CRM. However, transferring business data from any system to Salesforce, and vice versa, has its own share of challenges.  

    To conduct this activity seamlessly the right set of tools and domain expertise is imperative. Additionally, moving businesscritical data from one system to another is costly, time-consuming, and does not have any concrete workarounds. Substandard Salesforce data migration has also led to data loss, adverse effects in the deployment of CRM, and subsequent loss in business opportunities. 

    Zehntech’s Salesforce experts use the best data migration practices for minimizing data loss risks and maintaining data integrity by eliminating data duplication resulting in a successful migration.  

    By gauging the complexity of your data, preparing a detailed plan, and executing it, Zehntech makes sure your business data is migrated seamlessly to the destination with minimal data loss and business disruptions. 

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    Salesforce Data Migration Services

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    Technologies we use for our Salesforce data import/export services

    Data Loader

    Developed by Salesforce, it is an application that enables mass data migration activities, like data deletion, import, and export. 

    Data Export Wizard

    A native Salesforce technology that enables manual and scheduled data migration. 

    Job Scheduler

    A data migration tool that facilitates the scheduling migration activities as per your convenience and unique business requirements. 

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    Challenges we solve

    The problem: Migration of data in large volumes

    What we do to solve it: Importing large quantities of data at once in any production environment is not recommended. To securely migrate the data, we focus on importing/exporting small data sets in a sandbox. 

    The problem: Irrelevant, inconsistent data mapping

    What we do to solve it: While performing data mapping, we meticulously remove redundant, irrelevant data fields and add pertinent data fields to the source data. 

    The problem: Substandard data structure planning

    What we do to solve it: We have experienced members on our team who are experts in designing the flow of data structure. We make sure to include any feedback and recommendations while eliminating any redundancies that our experts think might be an issue. 

    The problem: Absence of a solid testing plan

    What we do to solve it: Zehntech's Salesforce team is trained to execute well-planned, end-to-end d migration testing. We're updated with the best practices and the most efficient tools of testing, like developer console, SOQL, and filters. 

    How We Work

    First Contact 

    In the initial discussion, we learn about your business, offerings, goals, challenges, & expectations.

    Requirement Documentation 

    Key project requirements & deliverables are mutually decided & documented.

    Product Development 

    All team members use their technological prowess, expertise, & experience to provide solutions as per business requirements.

    Quality Checks & Assurance 

    The demo is put through vigorous quality checks & tests to ensure security & performance as per standards.

    UAT, Remediation, & Enhancements 

    Your solution is tested by its intended audience before the final launch. Issues are fixed by experts & suggestions are accommodated.

    Final Launch 

    After the success of UAT, the launch-ready product is handed over to you. We also provide support & training when you need it.

    How we conduct data migration

    Exploration, analysis, and planning

    We commence by exploring your current CRM and data situation. An analysis of your data is conducted for categorizing data as crucial or non-essential. Our consultants then chalk out a comprehensive migration roadmap for your data import/export project. We consider any unique customizations needed to add more value to your data. 

    Selection of the data to be migrated

    Data accumulated by different teams are analyzed and the relevant business data with insightful information is selected to be migrated from the system. Data sources, including flat files, CRM products, and existing applications, are thoroughly analyzed. 

    Data preparation & mapping

    An Entity Relationship Document is established to help visualize the structure, record count, and data type. Data deduplication and cleansing processes are initiated. 

    Data migration is conducted

    We leverage the capabilities of the most efficient ETL tools for migrating data from the source systems. The method and tool to be used for migration are chosen based on two things – the source data’s complexity and the data volume.  

    Quality delivery

    To make sure the data has been transferred securely and error-free in the expected formats and relationships, we perform our stringent quality assurance tests. 

    Validation, data protection, & integrity

    After conducting our final checks, we make the system live and hand it over to your organization. During the migration procedure, it is our utmost priority to maintain data accuracy and integrity. We take care of all data protection and security norms even after project completion. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • We streamline your system factoring in your future scalability and expansion plans  
    • Our team plans out and in-depth deployment roadmap  
    • We help you adjust permissions, set validation rules, and establish your workflow  
    • After deployment, we evaluate performance against your business requirements and best practice-rubrics  
    • We also provide post-launch and maintenance support 

    Zehntech’s team of Salesforce developers and migration experts are completely aware of the best practices to be followed for a successful Salesforce migration. Some of the best practices our team integrates into their migration operations are: 

    1. Identifying datasets that need to be migrated 
    2. Creating or choosing the right templates suitable for the selected data
    3. Reviewing data before the experts populate it in the chosen template 
    4. Creating and using custom fields for storing any legacy ID information 
    5. For validating the migration, we use either of the following techniques:
    • Spot checking of the data  
    • Reviewing exception reports thoroughly to look for any residual data left in the source  
    • Creating custom reports for validating the record count 

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