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Mayra's DMS - Doctor Management System

About Project

Mayra’s DMS is a doctor management system, a platform where patients and doctors can register themselves for an efficient administration of their healthcare needs. The doctors can register as affiliates and completely manage their staff and patients through the system. Likewise, patients can register themselves and book their appointments and consultations with their preferred affiliate doctor as per their time and convenience.


30 Days

Release date

2 Jul 2021

Working Hours

150 Hours

Business Challenge

The client is a doctor, practicing dermatology with a motto to help people lead a beautiful and happy life with quality. For the same, he has come with advanced treatments like laser treatments, cosmetics treatments that help people combat and fight various skin and hair-related diseases and lead a happier and more comfortable life. The client further aimed to help even other doctors to incorporate these technologies and medication within their practice and provide their patients with better treatment options. This required the client to have a cloud platform where the affiliate doctors and their patients could register themselves and have all the healthcare needs managed well. The creation of this platform was the business challenge.

Business Solution

We created a cloud platform for the client which is a complete doctor management system. While the creation of the platform, we took utmost care of the clients need and expectations. In the initial discussions, it was agreed that the application shall serve as a platform to the doctors as well as the patients and keeping up with the same, two separate identities are available over the platform. The doctors can register as affiliates in the application and associate with Dr.Patidar to learn their treatment and incorporate those within their practice thereby offering better health care facilities to their patients. Simultaneously, the patients can register in the application so that they could book and manage their appointments and take better care of their healthcare needs. 


This helped create a complete network between the doctors and the patients wherein the doctors could completely track their patient’s activities and keep a thorough record of their prescriptions and appointments. Also, the patients could manage their appointments as per their time and convenience and make sure that they do not miss any of them. Besides that, the doctors have additional features to manage their staff, inventories, and orders as well over the application. Furthermore, they can track their revenues as well. 


Apart from these two identities, there is a third Admin identity over the application. This gives the user complete management rights of the platform and helps manage the data related to the affiliate doctors and the patients. Also, it helps with the product listings on the platform so that the affiliates can order for prescribing and treating their patients. With that, the payments can be made easily online using a debit or a credit card. 


Key Features 

  • Affiliates Management. 
  • Appointment Booking/Scheduling.
  • Online Consultation.
  • Support Tickets Management.
  • Patient Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Patient’s health History Records Management.
  • Staff Management.

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

With the application we have developed for Dr. Patidar, he has been able to build a very active and functional community of doctors which has helped him further his aim to provide a good, happy, and quality life to the people. The affiliates have also been able to incorporate better treatments in their practice and this has essentially helped them keep their patients happy and enhance their revenues, which has, in turn, increased the patient base and revenues for Dr. Patidar.

“I am highly impressed with the application that Team Zehntech has created for me. It totally meets my expectations and needs. It has served as the perfect platform I had in my mind to build a community and provide efficient healthcare services. The team is great with their knowledge and project management and has been very helpful with everything all through the project. I highly recommend them.”

Our Client Says

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