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WordPress to Webflow Website Migration and Developed an Invoice Auditing System Using Backendless

About Project

A USA-based supply chain management and auditing organization that provides a complete supply chain management solution to e-commerce brands wanted to build a system that could automatically audit invoices generated by third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment centers for e-commerce brands. They also wanted to create a platform for 3PLs to list themselves, so that brands could select one based on their services and targeted area. To centralize all of these functionalities, they wanted to migrate their website from WordPress to Webflow with Backendless.


The Zehntech team helped them achieve their requirements by developing a platform with Webflow as the frontend and Backendless as the backend. The platform automatically audits invoices, provides a marketplace for 3PLs, and allows brands to easily select the right 3PL for their needs. It also migrated the organization’s website from WordPress to Webflow, which made it more scalable.

Invoice Auditing System1
Invoice Auditing System
Invoice Auditing System2


3 Months

Release date

Sep 2023

Working Hours

 1000+ Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Challenge

The client was facing several challenges with their manual invoice auditing process. The inaccuracies and discrepancies in the amounts were costing them money and damaging their brand reputation. They wanted to build an automated invoice auditing system to improve accuracy and efficiency. They also wanted to build a centralized platform to manage their entire supply chain management process. This would help them to track inventory, orders, and shipments more effectively. In addition, the client wanted to create a feature on their website where third-party logistics providers could list themselves. This would allow e-commerce brands to search for and select the right logistics provider for their needs.

Business Solution

After analyzing the client’s challenges and vision, our team of experts came up with the following technical solutions


1. Website development

We migrated their website from WordPress to Webflow, a no-code platform that allows for intuitive design. However, as a nocode platform Webflow has some limitations when it comes to customization, so we connected the website to a CDN (content delivery network) where we uploaded custom files and done customization using jQuery and JavaScript and display them on the frontend of Webflow.

The Webflow customizations included a slider for the number of units, Visual dashboards with graphs in donut format, bar charts, and line charts, dynamic tables to display the data, a checkbox dropdown for multiple field selection for 3PLs.

2. 3PL registration and contract management

We developed a marketplace for 3PLS where these third-party logistics providers can register themselves as a listing on the website and also can manage their contracts. They have two options for creating a contract: they can either manually enter all the details or upload a previously created contract. We also added a third-party tool called, which can extract the details from an uploaded contract and add them to the system. To create a contract their associated brand should be available in the system, if the brand is not available, 3PLs will not be able to log in to the system or access their dashboard or brand page.

3. Solved Error of the Latest Webflow Version

Webflow’s latest version has disabled the password input type, so we created a custom input field to solve this issue.

4. Estimated Cost of 3 PLs

The system we built can automatically estimate the cost of 3PL services for brands’ next contracts, according to the inputs. To use the system, brands first need to select their current 3PL provider from a list of all available providers. They can then select a contract from a drop-down menu of all the contracts they have with that provider. Next, they need to select a rate card from the related rate cards drop-down menu. Finally, they can select the specific services and date range they need from another drop-down menu. The system will then automatically calculate the cost and display it on the frontend for the brands.

5. Match Me Functionality

The Match Me functionality allows brands to search for third-party logistics (3PL) providers that they are already working with or want to work with. We have made it easier to search for a 3PL by integrating with Google Maps, so brands can search by geographical location. Brands can also add their reviews for 3PL companies.

6. Upload Invoices

To audit invoices, brands can upload their invoices to the backend. They can then select an invoice that they want to audit and submit the request. The system will send the request to the audit team, and one of the team members can accept it. The auditor will then review the invoice and, if they need more information or if any details are missing, they can contact the brand.

7. After providing all the necessary details, the brand can track the status of their invoice audit request on their dashboard. Once the audit is complete, they will be able to see the invoice audit report on their dashboard, which is hosted on Webflow.

8. We developed dashboard and auditing interface using Backendless for auditors. The auditor can see the files uploaded by the client, as well as the list and details of the clients. The auditor can download the files, sort them in the default format, and convert them to CSV format. They can then upload the CSV file to the dashboard. When the auditor uploads the file, Backendless converts it to a database and starts auditing it according to the contract that the client has selected and the logic that we have set.

9. When an auditor uploads a file to the system, the system automatically converts the data into different dashboards. After the audit is complete, the system creates a dashboard contains invoice audit report that includes all of the findings. The auditor can then enable the option to share this dashboard with the client on the Webflow website. There will be two types of dashboards: one that contains the formatted version of the invoice that was uploaded by the client, and another one that contains the audited report.

10. A database has been created in Backendless and the data structure has been designed to meet the client’s requirements. All of the database operations that are used in the frontend are managed by Backendless.

11. To manage the data communication between Webflow and Backendless, we developed APIs using Backendless features, namely Cloud Code. Cloud Code is a serverless computing platform that allows us to deploy and run code in the Backendless cloud.

Applied Technologies

Webflow Logo
Backendless Logo

Our Role in Client Success

The new platform has helped the client to automate the invoice auditing process, which has saved them time and money.Provide a marketplace for 3PLs, which has made it easier for brands to find the right 3PL for their needs. Improve the scalability of their website, which has allowed them to handle more traffic.

“We are very happy with the work that Zehntech has done for us. They have helped us to achieve our goals and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced development partner.”

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