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The Real Estate world has displayed enormous growth with sustainability. There is a wide range of properties around the world that can be explored with the help of the right broker who has a great network and connections. Also, to close a deal with an appropriate rate either while selling a property or buying one needs a strong collaborating mediator. Thus, to establish a streamlined flow of properties there must be quick access, which can be gained through a comprehensive website that will reach a large audience allowing them to make the right decision.

Business Challenge

The client has a well-established real estate property business but was lagging behind due to a limited reach to the target audience. Also, it was quite difficult to maintain hard copies and manual records of each and every property that needed to be dealt with. To avoid the hassle and to administer the whole property buying and selling process the client felt a need for a website that contains inclusive information regarding the properties, their location, owner, etc.


Our developers considered the needs and vision of our client to design a clone of their imagination regarding the website. Real Estate World is a website developed over Webflow to leverage the wide range of features provided by the platform. The website became a great way to showcase properties and raise interest in them.

● Pages
The website contains pages like Home, About Us, Properties, Blog, and Contact Us. Each of them is designed using transitions and exclusive effects to brief them about the property and to influence them in moving further with the deal. We also harnessed the power of animation to ensure enhanced user experience and increased engagement.

● Up-to-date Property Details
The website owner can update property details on a regular basis which will keep the target audience engaged with the listing and make them deal in the same.

● Property Listing
The Property dealer can add any number of properties in the Website containing an intuitive and easy to use dashboard with quick drag and drop functionality making the site appealing.

10 Days


80 Hours

Working Hours

Aug 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

Zehntech has designed a cleanly coded, fully responsive HTML site over Webflow which has enabled the client to showcase his properties in an elegant manner thus making the buyer interested to move further with the deal. Also, the website will enhance the ROI by providing a better reach to the right audience which will lead to increased conversions.

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