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Subbarao Consulting Services is a New Zealand based consultancy providing advisory services related to renewable energy, climate change, and other sustainable development characters. The company has very vast operations spread across the globe and it felt that it was necessary to have a digital presence if it wants to maintain these vast operations. Zehntech helped the company create this much-needed digital presence through a digital platform in form of a WordPress website.

Business Challenge

The client is a consultancy offering advisory services in renewable energy, climate change, and sustainable development characters. The consultancy is also engaged in environmental research. Based in New Zealand, the consultancy has its operations spread over globally, with associates all over the world. Considering this range of operations, the client felt that it was necessary that he comes over a digital platform that will help him go beyond his local boundaries and expand his availability and accessibility for all his associates. However, the client did not have the technological knowledge for bringing this plan into action. So, to get over a digital platform and create an online presence was a business challenge for the client.


We took a complete understanding of the client’s ideas and vision in a series of discussions with him. After all the discussion, it was agreed that a functional WordPress website will be the best way to create this digital platform that the client needed. We began with the work without wasting any time. We developed the website on the WP version 5.3 using the Be Theme which is perfect for the look and feel of the website. The website is perfect to meet the needs and expectations of the client and is highly informative to offer the visitors and associates with all the information they need.

3 Weeks


80 Hours

Working Hours

29 Jan 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The website has significantly boosted the operations of the client. The client has been able to connect and communicate better with his associates through the website. He has also been able to fetch higher customer engagements and leads. The lead conversion rate is also high, and the client is getting a considerable number of customers with the website.

Our Client Says

I am extremely satisfied with the services of Zehntech. They have created a platform for me which is perfect in every respect. I have been able to be more available to my associates and it has become very easy to communicate and stay connected with them. The website has boosted my business operations exponentially and I am extremely happy to see the amazing results the website is giving.

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