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The global wine market is gradually increasing along with technological advancements which lead to a sudden shift toward the digital world. As a result, wine websites are being developed on a regular basis to provide easy access to customers. But in order to be in the race and stand ahead of the competition, your website must meet the customer's needs and deliver solutions that improve the user experience. We work to enhance the website’s features to make the industry leaders leverage the benefits associated with the online availability of their wine collection and make it reach the corners of the world. 

Business Challenge

The client operates a winery for which he already has a website. But there were some noticeable issues in it, including an outdated layout with errors in the responsiveness of the website and speed issues that are certainly not suitable for the best user experience.

The client wanted a more sophisticated and elegant E-commerce website to showcase the best of his products. Alongside this, he wished to expand his e-commerce business beyond his native state and was looking for a solution. Also, he desired to customize the store page to display the products and their information appealingly and the website to have a dark background to enhance its aesthetic value.


Keeping note of all the challenges and requirements mentioned, we provided the below-mentioned solutions, which gradually benefited the client in multiple ways.

◉ We rebuilt the E-commerce website from scratch at Zehntech.

◉ To sort out the responsiveness issue, we switched to the Beaver Builder theme layout from Elementor.

◉ Further, in order to increase the website speed, we used the Generate Press theme and the Caching plugin.

◉ We designed the whole website with a dark background and contrasting colors to make it more appealing and give a fresh and renowned feeling.

◉ To help the client sell the products out of state, we integrated a third-party platform called ‘VinoShipper’ into the website. It helps the client to make direct sales across the country.

◉ We also customized the website store page according to the client’s wishes. All the products are now showcased in a more refined and attractive manner.

8 Weeks


340 Hours

Working Hours

Oct 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

An e-commerce website should be appealing and provide the best user experience to gain and retain customers in the long run. Thus, we created a better version by leveraging the benefits associated with WordPress to cater to the client's needs. As a result of our constant development efforts, the client can now sell his products seamlessly from inside to out of the state. 

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