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Connectivity and visibility can efficiently handle and overcome the business challenges and be a win for all. Thrivesys is a US-based IT consultancy that works with this vision in mind and helps you overcome your business challenges. The company has years of experience in IT and they work across multiple sectors including retail, distribution, manufacturing, and 3PL. The company already had a digital platform for its business which Zehntech redesigned for an enhanced, modern look and user-experience.

Business Challenge

A website is an online portfolio of a company. It is through your website that prospective leads identify and know about you. So, it is very important that you have a website functioning with the best efficiencies having the latest features and functionalities. This is what the business challenge for the client was. The client had a website, but it was made on an old concept. And an old concept means higher bounce rates because people will simply be disinterested in the website. For a website to give you results, it has to be appealing which is only possible when you offer the modern and the latest, something with which people can relate. Eventually, the client realized that the website needs to be redesigned with better features, media-rich and functionalities so that it could deliver the best user experiences.


We redesigned the website for the client on the WordPress 5.1 version incorporating enhanced features and functionalities in it. We made sure using the most suitable themes on WordPress, ThemePunch and BeTheme, which suited great to the client’s business. We also installed the necessary plugins on the website for additional features and functionalities that were needed on the website. We also took care that the website is responsive and optimized for search engines so that it gives out the best user engagements. Besides the work on the website, we also redesigned the logo for the company for a new look and feel.


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Our Role in Client Success

With the redesigning of the website, the client has been able to remarkably enhance its capabilities. The website is revamped with an all new look and feel and has been successful in giving out the best user experiences and increasing the customer engagements. The client has been able to significantly expand his operations fetching more leads than ever through the redesigned website having better features and functionalities.

Our Client Says

Zehntech has done an amazing work for my website and it has helped me boost my business like never before. With all the redesigning they have done, they have completely changed my website for the good. I am highly impressed with their work. They have amazing technical skills and their knowledge is worth a praise. I can without a doubt say that Zehntech is the best company you can ever find for having web development services and other IT solutions.

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