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GroVector is a software consultancy having its operations on a global scale. The company is dedicated to solving complex technological problems and raise the efficiency of its clients by making them more tech efficient. With its services, the company has been highly successful in creating seamless digital experiences. You can reach out for the services of the company on its official website created by team Zehntech. The website is a WordPress powered website created using Be Theme giving it a great look and feel. The website itself shows the ability of the company for creating great digital experiences with its amazing abilities to give out amazing user-experience. 

Business Challenge

The client is a software consultancy operating globally. Considering the industry that it is in and looking at the cut-throat competition, the client knew that creating a digital presence had become very important for it. The realization came from the fact that online presence had gained a tremendous scope within the marketplace. Every business, however small it may be was coming over the digital platforms and expanding the boundaries for themselves. The client had to stand this competition in the most expeditious manner and a digital platform seemed the ultimate solution for this. However, creating a functional and robust website perfect in all aspects, listing every service of the client and providing every information that the visitors are seeking over the targeted platform was a business challenge for the client.


Dealing with a company in the same industry demands that you raise the bar. We knew that the client had great expectations from us, and we were fully equipped to meet all those expectations. We took care of every aspect from designing to development, performance, and functioning and developed a fully functional WordPress website for the company with a highly responsive and SEO-friendly design. We had used the Be Theme of WordPress which was perfect for designing a website that will totally relate to and resemble the services of the client. We also took care that the website is developed on the latest version and used the WP Version 5.2 for the development. Apart from that, we focused on installing the necessary plugins to offer the required necessary features on the website. With that focus, we installed the WP Bakery and Visual Composer plugins on the website which have worked great in serving as good add ons for the client. Overall, the website was just like the client had expected and the client loved the digital platform we presented before it to help grow its business.

30 Days


240 Hrs

Working Hours

6 Nov 2019

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

With the responsive and functional website that we created for the client; it has been able to boost its business exceptionally. The client has seen greater results in the form of Better Reach to the Prospective Customers Higher Leads through the Website Higher Customer Engagements Boosted and Enhanced Business Operations

Our Client Says

I am highly impressed with what Zehntech has done. They have met my expectations every step of the way and I love their commitment, dedication, and understanding for their work. They have a whole load of knowledge and are amazingly efficient in applying their knowledge for generating the best possible results. I could not have got a better website. Really happy with the services.

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