GMPPlating Website Joomla to WordPress Migration

The client runs a GMP plating business which is majorly dependent on their Joomla website. In the course of their operations, the client faced issues with the website and sought to migrate it to the WordPress CMS platform. Zehntech helped them carry out this migration in an easy and seamless manner, maintaining the look and feel of the website.

Business Challenge

In today’s business world, where the competition is ever-increasing, and everyone is trying to go global by creating an online presence through websites, it is essential to look at the fact that just creating a website will not work out for you. You need to put in extra effort if you want to see results. What you need to do is go beyond the creation and move towards the maintenance of the website. And this maintenance of the website was the business challenge here. The client had a website on Joomla for its GMP plating business. The major operations of the client were dependent on this website. In the course of their operations, the client started facing problems with their platform and struggled to maintain their website efficiently.


We performed an audit and analysis of the website to find what exactly the problems were. With our understanding, we could conclude that the client was facing limitations from the platform and as their operations were increasing, they needed a more robust platform for their website and its effective maintenance. With that understanding of the problem, we came with the solution to migrate the website to the WordPress platform in its latest version. We migrated the website to WordPress version 5 and updated all the latest modules and plugins over the website. We also took care to use the same themes and designs so that the look and feel of the website over the new platform remain the same.


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Our Role in Client Success

Team Zehntech was quick in understanding the problem of the client and with keen attention and consideration for the client requirements, the team could carry out the migration process just as the client had expected. With the migration of their website from Joomla to WordPress, the client has been able to achieve- Better Website Maintenance Better User Experience Higher Customer Satisfaction Higher Engagements Enhanced Profits

Our Client's Says

I had discussed my project with many companies before I finally selected Zehntech for the job. And I can’t be happier with my decision. Zehntech has provided me the best website migration services I could have. They carried out the migration in such a seamless manner with all the looks and feelings intact. Everything was just as per my expectations and I am highly impressed with the work Zehntech has performed for me.

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