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WordPress and ZOHO Integration WordPress Plugin Development for a Luxury LED Lightening Solution Provider

About Project

A leading LED lighting solutions provider in the Middle East, offers an extensive range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products across multiple countries. The company leverages WordPress as its website platform while managing their product information and client data within ZOHO CRM.


With a vision of providing real-time product information to their website visitors, client wanted to integrate ZOHO CRM with their WordPress website. This integration aimed to empower their customers by allowing them to efficiently request bulk order quotations through the website interface.


In response to their need, Zehtech’s team undertook the development of a custom WordPress plugin. This solution facilitated the direct integration of ZOHO CRM with WordPress, thereby enabling the real-time display of the company’s extensive product catalog on their website.

WordPress ZOHO Integration
WordPress Plugin Development
WordPress ZOHO Integration


12 Weeks

Release date

Aug 2022

Working Hours

  500 Hours

Zehntech Career

Business Challenge

The client was managing their inventory of LED lighting products through ZOHO CRM while manually uploading these products to their WordPress website for end-users to view.


They wanted to display them directly on their WordPress website from Zoho CRM but they couldn’t find any prebuilt WordPress plugin with this functionality. This limitation hindered the synchronization of their Zoho-managed product data with their WordPress platform, causing inconsistencies and hampering user experience. Furthermore, they sought to achieve real-time updates of Zoho product information on their website. Overcoming these obstacles required finding innovative solutions to bridge the gap between Zoho and WordPress and enable seamless, real-time data synchronization.

Business Solution

To address our client’s challenges and requirements, our team of experts proposed a technical solution that involved developing a custom WordPress plugin tailored to their unique needs.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

There was no existing plugin that could integrate WordPress with Zoho CRM, so our team developed a custom plugin that would seamlessly connect the two platforms. The plugin also allows for bulk import and export of data, and Zoho API triggers are used to display data on the website whenever an event occurs.

Real-time Data Synchronization

We created a custom plugin that updates the WordPress website in real time whenever changes are made to the Zoho product management system. We also added the functionality to reflect changes made to the WordPress dashboard in the Zoho CRM product data. This ensures that visitors to the site always have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

User-friendly Interface

We built a user-friendly interface of plugins, allowing admins to manage Zoho products data directly from their WordPress dashboard. This eliminates the need for dual data entry and streamlines the management process.

Custom Data Mapping

The plugin includes configurable data mapping options to address the challenge of data mapping between Zoho and WordPress. This allows administrators to define how Zoho’s product attributes correspond to fields on the WordPress website.

Security and Reliability

Security was a top priority, and we ensured that data transferred between Zoho and WordPress remains encrypted and protected. The plugin was rigorously tested to ensure reliability and stability.

Website Performance and SEO Optimization

We also helped the client improve their website’s performance and SEO optimization. This included on-page optimization, Google Analytics integration, and Search Console integration.

Applied Technologies


Our Role in Client Success

By developing this custom plugin, the client was able to overcome the challenges of integrating Zoho products with their WordPress website. The solution ensures real-time synchronization and empowers the client to manage their products efficiently. It also provides a seamless user experience for their website visitors.

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