ZOHO CRM Implementation for a California-based Wealth Management Company

A California-based wealth management company working with high net-worth customers provides its customers with wealth generation advice. The company operating in the financial sector has an open architecture and offers end-to-end wealth management and investment advisory services to its customers.

Business Challenge

Being a rapidly growing organization, the wealth management company was facing critical data handling challenges that revolved around human errors and data duplication. Financial advisors at the company were also facing issues with managing and queuing contracts while sending and receiving duly signed documents and agreements by customers.


We carefully analyzed the client’s challenge and business model. After doing so, we created a custom application leveraging the power of CI and integrated it with ZOHO CRM. The CRM was found fit for our client’s needs as it was capable of handling any/all data errors, reporting them to the key stakeholders, and following up until the issue has been completely resolved.

Our team established a custom retry mechanism for a smooth contract signing process to only que the contract after the previous document has been duly signed by all the required parties. DocuSign and PandaDoc were integrated into their system for sending and managing contracts. The two document management integrations also assist in reporting the weekly/monthly status of all documents generated by the advisors.

Team Zehntech wrote a custom PHP script for ZOHO CRM and Books APIs integration. ZOHO Desk was integrated into the client’s system and rebranded as per the customers’ needs for managing tickets for all reported issues and tasks by the clients’ or advisors' team.

15 Days


80 Hours

Working Hours

Sep 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The wealth management company’s key issues of data handling and customer contract management were resolved by our team. Using DocuSign and PandaDoc has uncomplicated and streamlined the client’s document signing and management process. ZOHO CRM and Books APIs integration assisted the client’s sales team in managing tickets and resolving issues in the shortest duration possible.

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