Algramo: ZOHO CRM Implementation

Algramo is a Santiago-based social enterprise whose goal is to create a positive environmental impact by reducing the use of plastic. To do so, they partner with globally renowned brands, Unilever, and Purin, to offer consumer products in reusable containers across its network of convenience stores and refill stations in Chile. They also provide their customers with daily-use products in affordable, reusable, and recyclable packaging through their platform.

Business Challenge

The customer base of Algramo was expanding rapidly and their existing mobile application infrastructure was not equipped to manage the exponentially increasing workload. To support the increasing customer base, they wanted to integrate their app with a Customer Relationship Management platform while making sure all their existing and new user data is updated and synced in real-time.


Following an in-depth discussion with the client, our experienced team recommended ZOHO CRM as an ideal solution for their requirements. We seamlessly integrated ZOHO CRM into their application while ensuring no data was lost during the process. To customize the platform according to the client's needs, we created custom workflows, custom modules, and custom fields. We also enabled automation-backed features for importing leads, and clients, products, and order data in the ZOHO CRM modules in real-time.

15 Days


50 Hours

Working Hours

Sep 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The core issue of increased workload on the application was resolved by integrating ZOHO CRM into their existing infrastructure. With automated data import processes, managing customer, order, and product data became easier. The CRM was a major help to their marketing team, as it helped them analyze and build strategies for increasing sales and further growth.

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