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The size of the e-commerce logistics market is growing in an anticipated manner due to the lucrative growth opportunities provided to industry investors. Another reason for this expedition is the pandemic which triggered the eCommerce industry. During this time e-commerce promised a wide range of benefits which includes fulfilling orders error-free and on time with quick and easy returns. Thus, the logistics industry owners began inculcating the latest advancement in technology into their businesses like building websites, implementing ways to handle the supply chains of online businesses, and formulating marketing strategies to generate leads.

Business Challenge

TransX had the vision of expanding their business throughout the globe with quick access and 24*7 availability. But without having an intuitive well strategized website the vision had no base. The network connecting the leads was shrunk to a small set of customers who knew the company via personal connections. There were errors in establishing seamless support, thus they were not able to address the queries and redress them on time. Also, they were unable to communicate the services they provide with the quality they ensure to their potential customers.


Developers at Zehntech analyzed the requirements of clients and tried to align the technology with their vision. Thus, we designed a website in a manner that covered all the necessary aspects of the logistic world ensuring the delivery of the right message on behalf of the brand to the world. We concentrated on providing the finest look and feel to the site that instantly conveys the quality of service the brand claims to provide before they even start going through the content.

● The website contains a home page with a responsive slider built using conservative design elements covering the basic idea of the service provided by the Client.

● Then there is an About Us page built to establish a sustainable relationship with the customer by humanizing the business via a brief description.

● The website also contains a service page built with an expand and collapse feature that allows the user to view a brief description about any given service by clicking on the plus icon.

● The contact us page is designed to establish a readily accessible contact and location between our client and his customers.

● The complete design of the website is enhanced by the effects and animations we inserted which enhances the user engagement.

15 Days


Aug 2022

Working Hours

Aug 2022

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

The website has empowered the client with a solution that enhances the reach and increases the traffic which ultimately results in better conversions. The easy point of contact has made the customers rely on the services provided by our client and receive the required-on-time support. As a result, the client can now grow and fulfill the ever-changing demands of consumers and establish efficient brand recognition.

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