Slanker Grass Fed Meat Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking Through GTM For Magento

Texas Grass-Fed Meat is a US-based meat ranch store. It is an e-commerce business managing selling of high-quality grass-fed meat and other organic and grass-fed poultry and pork products through its Magento powered e-commerce website. It also shares recipes and other important and useful information about grass-fed meat over its website to make people more aware of the product they are selling and on how it has higher health and environmental advantages. We have been in long-term engagement with the company and helped them evolve their e-commerce business from time to time with website migration, maintenance, and setup of enhanced e-commerce tracking through Google Tag Manager.

Business Challenge

Texas Grass Fed Meat started its operations in 1999 as an e-commerce business with a Drupal powered website. As their operations took pace, they started facing issues in tracking performance of their website and sought better analytics and tracking system for it. Eventually, they faced other limitations as to functionalities on their Drupal platform which came as another big challenge. They worked out these challenges with team Zehntech with setup of e-commerce tracking through Google Tag Manager on their Drupal website and later a migration of their Drupal platform to Magento. With Magento migration, they were able to overcome certain limitations, however, analytics and tracking of website performance and customer behavior on online store again came as a business challenge.


We discussed the challenges facing Texas Grass Fed Meat and worked on solutions that best met their expectations. Addressing the business challenge at the initial stages, we setup enhanced e-commerce tracking through Google Tag Manager on their Drupal website. Later, considering the limitations coming forth with Drupal platform, we suggested migrating the website to the more powerful Magento platform. Texas Grass Fed Beef was more than happy to go through the Magento migration process and trusted the job to certified Magento developers at Zehntech. We prepared a project plan and carried out migration process for the company along with constant support and maintenance. To address the analytics and tracking challenge, we already knew what we had to do, since that was something we had already gone through. We setup the same enhanced e-commerce tracking through Google Tag Manager on Magento e-commerce website to facilitate analytics and tracking of all e-commerce functions and other consumer actions and behavior on the website.

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15 Jul 2020

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Our Role in Client Success

With our solutions, Texas Grass Fed Meat has been able to achieve higher efficiencies and scalability in their e-commerce operations every step of the way. They could easily overcome the limitations on their Drupal platform with Magento migration. The enhanced e-commerce tracking through Google Tag Manager has equipped the store to provide better analytics and reporting on a much wider scale. With all those reports and tracking, it has become easier to study the consumer behavior, shopping behavior, sales performance, product performance, etc., and work on improvements and enhancements so as to lead to growth, profitability, and success.

Our Client Says

Team Zehntech has been amazing to work with. It has been a long-term engagement, and they have been with us every step of the way in solving each of our business challenge at its best. We have always got beyond expectation results and solutions with Zehntech, and they have a huge role in our success. We extend a grateful and heartful thanks to the team for their amazing solutions devised with great technical knowledge and skills and wish them growth and success.

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