Voltage Converters – Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking Through GTM For Shopify Platform

Voltage Converters is one of the world’s largest voltage converter distributor serving energy needs around the world with superior technology, competitive pricing, and exceptional reliability. They have their operations run over a Shopify website. Team Zehntech helped the company setup enhanced e-commerce tracking through Google tag manager on their website for better analyzation and reporting of the e-commerce activities on their website and a better understanding of customer’s shopping behavior in Google analytics.

Business Challenge

Voltage Converters is a worldwide distributor of voltage converters. Based in the US, they carry their operations as an e-commerce business through a Shopify online store. As they started expanding and the activities on their website scale, they started finding it difficult to track those activities. They wanted to have detailed analytics, events tracking, and reports regarding shopping behaviors, product performance, sales performance, and website performance as a whole. Generation of these analytics and reports posed as a business challenge.


We discussed the challenge facing Voltage Converters and suggested them to setup Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking through Google Tag Manager on their website. They were impressed with the idea and we started the implementation of the solution. Our expert professionals took care of every aspect of set up through Google Tag Manager paying attention to every technicality and got the website ready for better analytics and reporting with the Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking functionality.

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Working Hours

15 Jul 2020

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

With the solution we implemented for Voltage Converter, they have been able to have better analytics and reporting, just like they had expected. These reports give them detailed insights into the behaviors and performance of their website and make it easier to decide the future course of action. With the analysis and study of reports on product performance, sales performance, customers’ shopping behaviors, and the overall performance report of the online store, they have been able to plan and implement measures for boosting their operations and sales and better meet customer expectations. This has in turn helped the client achieve higher success and scalability in their e-commerce business.

Our Client Says

We have been highly impressed with the solution Zehntech implemented for us. They exactly knew the business challenges facing our organization and gave us the most perfect suggestion along with implementing the same. With the solution, we have boosted operations and have been able to achieve higher sales and scalability. We thank Zehntech for their support and highly recommend them for any e-commerce solution and other IT solutions and services.

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