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Hydralight is an innovative flashlight working with the use of water. The product does not need any battery or charging, it works on water energy. What the client needed was a platform to market this innovative, power-saving product and Team Zehntech provided this required platform to the client with a functional website on Shopify.

Business Challenge

The customer had a single product to sell and to carry out the marketing of that product, the customer came up with the idea of developing a single-page website. While the idea sounded very interesting, thoughtful and innovative, bringing it into action was something that required a much deeper insight. The design and functional aspects posed a major challenge. Designing the complete website on a single page along with providing all the functionalities on that single page was a challenging job at the hands of the team. What made it more challenging was, there was not much time in hand because the website was needed to go live in real quick time.


The technology has been constantly growing and with that, there are always too many options to choose from. The team had in view many powerful platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. And while every platform has its amazing features and functionalities, the team had to choose the platform that would serve the best as per the customer needs. After a series of evaluations, we finally decided Shopify be fulfilling the requirements in every manner. The team got to work and began with the design for the website. We created two designs for the website in the designing phase, one of which was selected. After further discussions, we implemented the selected design on Shopify and delivered the website to the customer in the set time frame, just as it was anticipated.


Working Hours

Live Date

Applied Technologies

Our Role in Client Success

With the single-page website, the customer has been able to plan his marketing strategies better and improve the complete marketing process for his product. The customer has experienced a boost in his operations with a 40% increase in sales, providing easy and smooth checkout processes which have led to higher customer satisfaction.

Client Says

The website has been great in boosting my business. I have been able to plan my operations better and have seen the sales going up significantly. All thanks to the amazing platform Zehntech created for me right as per my needs and expectations. They have the amazing technical knowledge and business understanding and the mix of other soft skills such as communication and responsiveness with these abilities just makes them the best in their field.

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