Sign of the Times – Shopify Platform Customization and App Integration

Sign of the times ( is a luxury London-based marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-owned designer clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories from well-known designer brands. The organization also supports women's empowerment because the firm was founded by women, offers products for women, and has a female leadership team. 

Business Challenge

The website was developed using Shopify; however, due to Shopify's functionality limitations, the customer desired to add more features to it. They were unable to effectively sell their products and hence desired to push beyond limitations in order to reach potential customers and raise brand recognition.


The client wanted to take some additional services to make their website customized as well as feature-rich. We’ve helped them implement their ideas and strategies by integrating some customized features to the existing Shopify platform such as Klaviyo integration, Wish list launch, improved SEO capabilities, and improvements to Product Filter and search. We’ve also worked on:

Page Build-ups – Pages of the website were created and customized using dynamic widgets to improve the UI/UX and overall appearance. And can be easily manageable from the admin side.

Collection Customization – Sold items are removed from the list, but individual products (if popular) with high demand are kept in the widgets to sustain consumer contact.

Wishlist – As Shopify does not provide the wishlist feature we have integrated the third-party application Wishlist plus and also made some customization to the application to make it more feasible with current design and features of the website. This app allows customers to create a personalized collection of products they want to buy or save for future reference.

It's based on the principle of 'special collection for particular consumers,' in which the collection is given automatically based on the user's search history and shopping history.

Custom App – This permitted a third-party API integration with the Sign of the Times website, enabling them to offer a drop-shipping service, including inventory syncing.

Marketing Platforms – We helped the client to employ marketing tools to efficiently and successfully expand the audience reach and increase revenue. Wearesott maximizes growth and scalability by utilizing several marketing channels such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and Klaviyo.

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Our Role in Client Success

Our Zehntech Shopify team assisted the client with third-party integration that works well since they wanted to add certain bespoke features to their website. By including these customized functionalities, the website is able to attract visitors and generate sales more effectively.

Our Client Says

Zehntech has enabled us to tailor the Shopify platform to suit our business needs by helping us improve our bespoke theme, ensuring our brand comes to life on our website and the customer experience is of an exceptionally high standard. We have a lot of brand-specific requirements that come with being a leader in the pre-owned luxury space. Our developers are friendly and responsive, always working hard to think of a solution to our complex requests. We are particularly happy when Zehntech are able to create bespoke apps within our platform reducing the need to be reliant on third parties and monthly subscription costs which can add up when you have a lot of customization. Now that they have got to know our specific needs, we hope to move even faster to be able to deliver our customer unique and exciting functionality to make us a leader in the resale industry such as different content for new and returning visitors, early access to sales and a subscription service for VIPs. Their system Flux for recording tickets is fantastically easy to use and makes prioritization and communication around projects a friction free & enjoyable process.

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