Salesforce Consulting Services

Realize accelerated growth and exponential ROI with Salesforce

We have a team of experienced Salesforce experts, who are happy to help you with Salesforce Consulting services.

    Zehntech’s Salesforce consulting team helps organizations undergo seamless digital transformation by automating their critical business processes in the marketing, sales, and service divisions.
    Having collaborated with a multitude of organizations in varying domains and industries, we have mastered Salesforce consulting capabilities and offerings that help companies globally enhance customer experiences.

    Expedite your digital transformation journey with Salesforce

    Salesforce is a feature-rich, powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that empowers companies to reimagine and transfigure their business processes. However, in addition to a robust CRM solution, the right set of tools, processes, and people are also required in order to drive impactful digital transformation.

    Through Salesforce consulting, you get access to Salesforce CRM experts that tirelessly help you merge your organization’s existing processes with the right set of products, people, and technology. Being a Salesforce consulting services provider, Zehntech helps organizations analyze, plan, implement, and align Salesforce products in their marketing, sales, and customer relations departments.

    At Zehntech, meeting client needs and exceeding their expectation takes precedence over everything. We are focused on helping you attain the most value through our end-to-end Salesforce consulting services.

    What our Salesforce consultants do for you

    At Zehntech, client satisfaction is of utmost priority. To serve you to the best of our abilities, our Salesforce professional services team works as an extension of your core team to help you gain maximum value out of the collaboration. Every expert on our team possesses rich experience and in-depth knowledge about Salesforce consulting.


    After diligently understanding your business model, processes, and challenges. Our team of expert Salesforce consultants helps you implement and build constructive and productive solutions around them. Zehntech’s team of expert Salesforce professionals specializes in Salesforce best practices, tools, and features. The team continually serves a domestic and global client base that has led them toward overall business success.

    Our Range of Salesforce consulting

    A Salesforce consultancy like Zehntech offers uninterrupted assistance in many ways, including setting up the dashboard, automating certain inefficient, manual processes, setting up email, and tracking projects. They also assist in successful implementation of CRM and provide essential CRM training and support to your marketing and sales teams post-implementation.

    Sales Cloud

    In simplest terms, Sales Cloud is the Salesforce module that takes care of everything sales. This sales automation module allows personalization and boosts productivity. It significantly helps in trimming lengthy sales cycles and overall business process streamlining. Leverage our experience and proven expertise in Sales Cloud implementation today and transform your customer interactions forever.

    Community Cloud

    A social platform designed to facilitate organizational communication amongst employees, customers, and partners. Integrating Community Cloud into business operations enables leveraging CRM data easier by allowing direct community and third-party system communications. Our Salesforce consulting competency helps you derive the most out of customer, partner, and employee interactions.

    Service Cloud

    This feature-rich customer service software is intended to ameliorate and elevate your customer support process. Resolve customer queries masterfully as our Salesforce consulting team at Zehntech help you analyze and employ real-time support data metrics.

    Marketing Cloud

    Automate and optimize your digital marketing activities with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The solution is equipped with valuable functionalities designed to bolster your customer acquisition process. Our expert Salesforce consultants assist you in the end-to-end integration of this solution to transform the impact of your marketing initiatives.

    Salesforce CPQ

    Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (Salesforce CPQ) is is an additional tool for sales employed by organizations to extend accurate pricing for any product with dynamic configuration. CPQ helps quote price while taking into account customizable features, optional features, discounts, and quantities empowering sales representatives to quote prices accurately and quickly. Zehntech’s Salesforce CPQ consultants can help your sales team design proposals and quotes according to your service/product’s dynamic specific configuration.

    Salesforce Billing

    An add-on service by Salesforce that helps you collect timely payments by simplifying complex invoice payment and billing processes. The platform utilizes essential data, records, and information available on from Salesforce CPQ to process invoices and recognize revenue.

    Lighting App Development

    Lightning is an app development platform by Salesforce with a drag-and-drop feature used for developing responsive simple-page applications. In addition to visibility-standard, the platform comes with organizational, user, and programmatic security. Build interactive, dashboard-style apps with our Salesforce consultants to accelerate business growth and create indulging digital experiences today.

    Salesforce Integration (Via Mulesoft)

    Through Salesforce integration, we help companies stitch together their Salesforce CRM with the Cloud instances they need and other enterprise systems. Zehntech aids you in data synchronization and transaction automation across Salesforce services and third-party systems with the help of Mulesoft, Cloud API, and other middleware.

    How We Work

    Understanding your challenges Marketing Cloud

    The first step involves discussing your business challenge, requirements, and existing processes. You might want to shorten confusing sales cycles, automate certain digital marketing activities, or analyze product demand and customer behavior in innovative ways. Our Salesforce specialists try to understand your business goals and how we can leverage the Salesforce platform by aligning it with your current operations to enhance your processes efficiently.

    Strategically mapping your needs with Salesforce

    After mutually deciding on the business objectives, our team of consultants presents you with a variety of Salesforce tools and functionalities as per the needs discussed. We help you choose the best, most important functionalities suitable for your business that help accelerate your business and boost revenue.

    Customizing solutions as per your needs

    Depending on the nature of your business, the complexity of your internal processes, the size of your organization, and data usage, our dedicated Salesforce consultant team provide you with customized solutions.

    Seamless, well-planned execution

    Salesforce consultants at Zehntech now help you install and integrate the Salesforce products you have chosen and we have customized them as per your unique requirements.

    Why Zehntech?

    From SMEs to multiple Fortune 500 organizations, more than 150,000 over the world harness the benefits of the secure and scalable CRM by Salesforce 

    Here’s why you should also integrate Salesforce into your organization and choose us as your Salesforce partner. 

    Ease of customization

    Every business is unique, including yours, and we acknowledge that. Your unique organization deserves a CRM solution that has been tailor-made to fit its distinctive needs. The CRM by Salesforce can be customized easily with the help of our Salesforce consultants after analyzing your business processes.

    Significantly soared ROI

    By collaborating with our experienced team, you can help your business realize accelerated growth and exponential ROI. With the help of an expert, reliable Salesforce consulting service, you ensure the swift functioning of your organizational processes while establishing an ecosystem that yields an increased adoption rate.

    Well-informed decision making

    The Salesforce CRM dashboard gives you access to insightful customer data that can be utilized for informed decision-making. It gives you access to historical and real-time data, all under one streamlined system. You get data for every stage in the sales cycle that can be used for enhancing customer experience, providing better deals, and increasing overall revenue.

    On-demand scalability

    Salesforce CRM is a flexible platform that can be scaled up or down as per business requirements as and when needed. It is capable of adjusting with the increasing (or decreasing) requirements and workloads without affecting the day-to-day requirements of the organization heavily.

    Enhanced security against vulnerabilities

    Get end-to-end data protection with our Salesforce consulting services. Your data and applications are secured against unauthorized access and vulnerabilities with robust security measures by Salesforce, like secure data backups, modern cybersecurity initiatives, and complex compliance necessities (including SOC reports and HIPAA).

    Reasonable, cost-efficient pricing

    We are an experienced consultancy that has rich, extensive experience and technical know-how of delivering effective and accurate solutions to complex challenges timely – and that too at reasonable prices.



    Salesforce is an intuitive cloud-based software company offering CRM platform and applications that help companies enhance their sales, marketing, customer, analytics, and application development processes. It can be easily customized and configured according to your organizational needs to help various departments leverage powerful tools in a single view.

    A Salesforce consultant is an individual having extensive knowledge of business processes and is also familiar with end-to-end services and features available in the Salesforce CRM. They essentially assist companies analyze their business problems and offer technical solutions from the Salesforce ecosystem to transform outcomes.

    Salesforce and our expert consultants help solve business problems like low customer retention rates, disjointed data, unorganized information, complicated tracking, and intricate reporting.

    Salesforce supports services like business process automation, storing and retrieving customer and user data through cloud, application development, and customer relationship management.
    For years, Salesforce has been providing its proficient products and solutions for almost every industry you can think of, including retail, travel, finance, health, and life sciences.

    Salesforce CRM can be used by all sorts of organizations – small or big. Plans for small businesses are cost-efficient. 

    For Salesforce, data security is of utmost priority. Salesforce has established the best and highest cyber security standards that protects your data from cyber risks. The CRM provides security at 3 levels – the system, the application, and the organization.

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