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    Human error, programmatic errors, unauthorized deletion, malicious intent, hackers, malware, and ransomware – There’s a lot your critical Salesforce data and metadata need to be protected from. Zehntech offers enterprise-grade Salesforce backup and recovery solutions for all your Salesforce data, metadata, and Chatter feeds.

    A common misconception: SaaS applications protect customers' data by default

    SaaS applications only have disaster recovery plans to protect themselves. They do not offer these recovery services to customers in case of data loss due to manual error or malicious activity. That’s because SaaS applications, including Salesforce, are designed primarily for productivity enhancement, not data security and restoration. Though Salesforce is a secure platform, it is not designed to protect your systems from data loss that occurs due to mishaps at your end.

    In organizations, more often than not, the need for backup and recovery is overlooked. Therefore, it is paramount to look for end-to-end third-party Salesforce backup and recovery solutions. Zehntech provides comprehensive Salesforce backup and recovery solutions.

    Native data backups by Salesforce are not enough

    Native data backup options only execute weekly and monthly backups which can be downloaded only within 48 hours of receiving them. Moreover, these options do not support sandboxes. Native data recovery options, including Data Loader, are time-consuming and complex. Even though your organization’s data is hosted by Salesforce, your company is responsible for the protection of your business and customer data in case of accidental deletions, malware attacks, or security threats.

    Zehntech’s Salesforce data recovery solutions securely backup and restore your data as well as metadata while allowing you to automate the process.

    Salesforce Backup Services offered by Zehntech

    Data Backup & Restore

    Fortify your cloud infrastructure by recognizing and understanding the risks of data exposure to take proactive data protection measures with Salesforce data security services. Our service helps in the detection of misconfigurations, unauthorized access, and vulnerabilities in your Salesforce ecosystem. Meet compliance, encrypt blind spots, and automate data vulnerability remediation with an exhaustive action plan.

    Data Privacy

    Regardless of complexity or size, we provide rapid, hassle-free data and metadata backups for any number of sandboxes or production orgs. Customize backup details, timing, and frequency across your enterprise. Recover data you need in your history from any backup without hampering any data added after the backup occurred.

    Data Archiving

    Harness uncomplicated compliance and secure data preservation with tailor-made retention policies. Store specified Salesforce records attachments replicas securely and protect critical data necessary for meeting compliance regulations. Keep a close eye on your Salesforce data usage to ensure you don’t cross prescribed limits and archive data efficiently before reaching the point of threshold.

    Data Automation

    Move data seamlessly across production and non-production environments and to sandboxes. We also help you enable moving and distributing data outside Salesforce to any external system fast and without compromising security. We provide DevOps leaders with the imperative tools for managing data at every stage of the application cycle management process.

    Sandbox Seeding

    Safely replicate organization data to sandboxes for establishing an identical training environment to accelerate training and innovation. Create the ideal environment for development and testing with data subsets from any sandbox. We help you seed relevant data sets to Partial Copy, Developer, and Developer Pro sandboxes from production orgs. You can also apply customizable templates to veil critical, sensitive data before seeding it.

    What you can achieve with Salesforce metadata backup services

    Automate your metadata backups

    Zehntech can help you set up daily backups to safeguard your Salesforce metadata in no time, regardless of the size of your org.

    Metadata protection you can rely on

    Secure your organization’s metadata from unexpected incidents and unwanted changes with our trustworthy Salesforce backup solutions.

    Restore permissions and profiles

    You get the power to recover your metadata from any time and restore every field, object, profile, and permission seamlessly.

    Catch issues Early, Easily

    Monitoring jobs powered with automation are capable of detecting the slightest change made to your company’s metadata. This enables you to keep track of the status of the orgs and get alerts in case unwanted and unauthorized changes are made.

    Leverage Zehntech’s Salesforce data backup services

    Time-Saving, Effortless Backups

    Ward off data loss by automating regular data and metadata backups. Execute high-frequency backups, including standard, customized, and managed-package items. Save time spent on managing backups while eradicating the instances of errors.

    Your Backup, Your Way

    Get automated, on-demand, and customizable backups with unlimited storage and versions. We help you with attachment backup, chatter attachment backup, custom object, customization attachment backup, metadata attachment backup, and apps attachment backup.

    Archive historical data

    By archiving Salesforce data, you store stale data subsets in low-cost storage which puts an end to performance degradation caused by increasing data. We can also help you set up simple archival policies that comply with government regulations.

    Productive administrator features

    Backup Salesforce data from production, sandbox, and multiple Salesforce instances. Reclaim control of Salesforce data with customized cloud-to-cloud backup settings. Stay informed with daily backup notifications, exception-only alerts, activity logs, API-usage monitoring, and status updates via Chatter and emails. Admins also enjoy configurable API limits and dynamic audit logs.

    Automated recovery for admins

    Built-in recovery scenarios are available within Salesforce instances. Automated data recovery for admins is possible through an end-user self-service restore. We can assist you with bulk Item restore, cross-org restore, CSV import restore, deleted items restore, end-user self-service restore, field-level restore, master-detail relationship restore, metadata restore, on-page restore button, and search-centric restore.

    Data protection measures you can rely on

    Your data and metadata stay protected with security measures like encryption, intrusion detection, and compartmentalized access. Digital envelope encryption is established for all data. We execute secure off-site backups in case of incidents while complying with the required data sovereignty and residency requirements.

    Compliance and data governance

    Our Salesforce data backup services helps you stay SOC 2 compliant, HIPAA compliant, and GDPR compliant. Additionally, we provide sophisticated data anonymization to disguise fields and maintain data security.

    Why choose Zehntech as your Salesforce backup partner?

    Expert professionals

    Many clients have benefited enormously from our technological expertise. We have team members with the right set of skills to execute hassle-free data recovery instances. No matter what your requirements, our Salesforce backup & recovery consultants are trained and equipped to help you with them

    A client-first approach

    At Zehntech, we do not aim for customer satisfaction. We aim for customer delight. We always follow a client-first approach which motivates us to go that extra mile to attain remarkable results.

    Experience in various domains

    Our Salesforce data & metadata backup experts have experience working across a multitude of industries. We leverage our years of experience to provide 360-degree data backup, data archiving, data automation, data privacy, and sandbox seeding services in Salesforce.



    Data: It refers to facts, statistics, and information encompassing records, like Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities, that can be used for analysis.

    Metadata: It refers to data about other data. Metadata is the data that describes a Salesforce orgs’s configuration and structure. It also refers to the customizations and settings applied to orgs, including Dashboards, Objects, Reports, and Layouts.

    Metadata in Salesforce is helpful in organizing data to make searching, locating, retrieving, and using data easier. This data provides insightful contexts in data sets that help in maximizing productivity and coordinating Business Intelligence (BI) initiatives. However, it is very easy to modify a dashboard, misconfigure settings, and lose a report within an org. To prevent any of these setbacks and incidents, having an appropriate metadata backup and recovery solution is crucial.

    Following are some options available for metadata backup:

    1. You can utilize sandbox orgs for backups. Metadata gets copied into a sandbox automatically at the time of creation or whenever it is refreshed.
    2. You may also use Change Sets for copying metadata from a production org to a developer org or sandbox.
    3. If you choose to go for local storage, metadata copies can be easily exported from the production org. This is done with the help of ANT Migration Tool.
    4. Finally, metadata also can be exported to the IDE. Additionally, it can be later deployed from the same tool as well.
    Once deleted, your data resides in the Salesforce recycle bin for 15 days. This duration is known as the “soft-delete” period in which the data lost can be easily restored into the org. However, after the 15-day SOperiod expires, or the deleted data has been emptied from the Salesforce recycle bin, the data becomes “hard-deleted” and it cannot be recovered. It is still possible to access this data with the help of the Salesforce workbench. The deletion becomes permanent if the data is deleted from here and will only be recoverable or accessible if a backup solution has been instilled or through the Salesforce Data Recovery service.

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