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Salesforce Experience Builder – A Pro Site Builder

An intuitive low-code site builder packed with a multitude of advanced features that simplify website & web app creation. 

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An Easy-to-use, No-code Web Product Builder

Salesforce Experience Builder is a powerful, feature-rich site builder that individuals & teams can use to rapidly create engaging web products, like websites and web apps. The tool comprises elements that can be easily dragged and dropped to your convenience and as per the design you want.

With Salesforce Experience Builder, you get complete creative freedom with the custom styling features available on our site-building tool. Moreover, our tool also features functionalities that are designed to elevate page navigation. 

Why Choose Salesforce Experience Builder for Building Products?

Key Features of Salesforce Experience Builder

Forgot Password

Seamlessly customize & enhance the UI of Forgot Password by making it more interactive as well as attractive and more suitable for the theme of your webapp/website.

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FAQ Form

Provide solutions & answers to common user queries & questions with ease using our customizable, user-friendly FAQ Forms in Salesforce Experience Builder.

Login Component

Provide authorization & authenticity to customers/internal users while using our design-rich tool to prohibit unauthorized access that may lead to stealing of crucial data.

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Appointment Scheduler

Set up appointments quickly and easily with our fully responsive component that can be integrated with Google Calendar & Meet for scheduling virtual meetings.

Footer Component

Device-friendly, fully customizable footer templates for your websites and web apps that come with features, such as newsletter subscription & email notification.

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Image Carousel

Showcase your products in style with eye-catching, design-rich carousels. Add images, captions, and descriptions and customize font color and size as per your requirements.

Job Listing

Upload job vacancies on your web platforms using our Job Listing feature. Add details like job title, number of vacancies, job description, & requirements.

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Teams Carousel

Introduce your team to the visitors on your website with our customizable Teams Carousel. Add basic details like name, designation, email, social links, and profile picture.

Fullscreen Navigation Menu

Give your website/web apps an impactful and stunning view by helping users glide through your web platform with an attractive navigation bar.

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Use Pricing Cards, an extremely useful feature, to systematically showcase the pricing plans of your services and products as per your pricing strategy.

Alert Boxes

Leverage the Alert Box component for displaying different kinds of alerts, such as success, error, and warning, to get rid of any security issues or help users correct any mistake.

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Blog Cards

Built on the LWC Lightning Component framework by Salesforce, Blog features a card layout for displaying tiny descriptions of blogs along with topic, image, & author names.

Product Cards

Leverage customizable, easy to use Product Cards to display important product details, like category name, name of the product, description, pictures, and price.

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LWC Sign Up Component

A fully customizable, interactive Sign-up Component in Salesforce Experience Builder to enhance the sign-up experience of your users.

LWC Menu Bar Component

Display menu options on your web platforms, group related items, and seamlessly create sub-menus with our customizable LWC Menu Bar Component.

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LWC Event Timeline

Showcase events and activities in your company in a listicle format with LWC Event Timeline's customizable Event Timeline component.

A comprehensive, no-code site builder

Create a lasting impression on users with beautiful, feature-rich websites built with Salesforce Experience Builder.

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