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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Odoo ERP System scaled

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to Odoo ERP System 

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ERP systems have now become one of the basic needs for most business organizations. But still, some organizations are unaware of the importance of ERP systems in their business.

Some ERP systems like Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, SAP Business ByDesign, SYSPRO, etc. are somewhere making management easier and business agile. They might be effective for some companies but what if you can get a lot by spending less money and effort on your ERP system? 

That’s where Odoo comes in the scenario. Odoo (On Demand Open Object) ERP system can be fuel for your business if you can reap its benefits efficiently. Even after various ERP systems, Odoo stands in front of the crowd.

With more than 7 million Odoo users worldwide, there’s something that makes people use this ERP system rather than others, says bubble io’s research itself. If you’re thinking why then this blog is for you. 

So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the top 10 reasons to switch from other ERP systems to the Odoo ERP system. Interesting? Let’s get started.  

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Reasons to Switch to Odoo ERP System

There was a time when resource planning was quite problematic, which made people invest time and money into it. However, despite all the efforts made to develop ERP software, many have either failed or are still not aware of the importance of ERP systems in their business.  

But after all the research and overcoming challenges, the Odoo ERP system has now become adaptable and flexible. Also, it has made people switch from other ERP systems to Odoo. Here’re the reasons why people switch to the Odoo ERP system.

Open-source Platform

Odoo ERP system is an open-source program. You can use it freely and accomplish your business management needs. It is divided into three different editions, Community (open-source), Odoo Enterprise, and Odoo Online (used for Saas service).


It is designed in such a way that you can easily make your business operation effective and flexible. You can use it by downloading it directly from the Odoo Official Website. Its source code is available on the GitHub platform which is open to use. Anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code accordingly.


Also, you can download the Odoo community version from Github The LGPLv3 (Lesser General Public License version 3) license governs how the Odoo ERP system is used.


After all these free services, here comes paid services. Odoo ERP system has some advanced functions that can enhance your business operation. One of them is the ‘Odoo sales booster‘. You can use the Odoo ERP system for free at the same time, you can customize your ERP system to add this feature. But you need to pay for this advanced feature if you want to go the extra mile.


Odoo is an effective ERP system that can make your business operation as well as management easier. Without disturbing the working of the business, the Odoo ERP system can respond to multiple computers at the same time. This is what effectiveness is.

Due to its scalability, it doesn’t restrict its efficiency or any of its features. Groups of people can work together without any disturbance or restrictions.

Intuitive User-interface

As we all know, the user interface of any software, tool or even app is its face to the outside world. It is what makes users engaged and influences them to employ it. But the adoption of the right ERP system can make the business journey easier and more effective. Odoo covers it well. Odoo’s interface is very attractive, and user-friendly, and provides an easier interface to its user as they don’t need to be trained.

Time Management

Time is money and no one wants to waste their time and money on any unproductive thing. Odoo, with its immense features, helps you to manage your task-related workflow.

According to the most recent data, about 50% of small startups fail during the first five years, and more than 20% of small businesses fail in their first year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021). One of the main reasons for this failure can be resource management (of all types).

Also, a study says that more than 60% of small businesses experience serious challenges in managing their business operations. And, it’s more difficult for managers to keep track of what’s happening at work. Odoo ERP system can be used to automatically carry out particular operations based on time restrictions or if they fulfill particular criteria. Thus, you can manage your time and make your work smoother and more flexible than before.

Worldwide Support

Odoo also provides app store services which is one of the major supports to its users. And the fact is that there are more than 18,000 free Apps available in the Odoo Apps store, says Odoo company itself. Most of them are cost-free while others are subscriptions based on the services they have.  

By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  

Caters to all Industries

Odoo ERP system is an all-rounder platform. No matter whether it be any manufacturing company, wholesale, retail shop, ecommerce operation, or anything, you can use Odoo everywhere. Also, with the help of a website builder, you can even create a company website and configure the e-commerce website. Apart from this, the hospitality, inventory, travel business, and even marketing can also benefit from the Odoo ERP system.


By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  


As Odoo is open-source, it provides easy customization so that you can make the most seamlessly. Odoo provides an entirely practical package to meet up business requirements. With this, you can go for customization according to your business need and can save a lot of money.

With the help of Odoo partners who have advanced Odoo tools, can help you with the customization and give satisfactory results. By properly mentioning your business requirement with Odoo partners, they can help you to deliver better services and thus saves huge cost.

The reason behind saving cost here is that if you invest in any ERP system you might not aware of the technicality or how to optimize it. In this way, you might not even be aware of how to optimize the Odoo ERP system appropriately. With the help of these partners, you can have the best out of all.

It also ensures quality services at a reasonable price and thus can help you minimize your business management costs. And finally guarantees a competitive price for implementation, consultation, and other ERP-related processes. 

By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  

Remote Management

After the pandemic, remote management has now become normal and Odoo ERP enables you to become mobile. Due to its efficient functionalities, it also helps you to manage your integral working activity from wherever you want.  

Additionally, more sophisticated ERP services that provide better management solutions cannot be accessed at a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Odoo, however, stands out in every way. If necessary, it provides license fee-free Odoo implementation and Odoo customization. With the help of this, you don’t need to be in front of your team with your team physically, you can work from anywhere and manage remotely.

With a fixed budget and relatively low TCO, it ensures Odoo migration through its network of business partners and enables better management.  

By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  

Third-party Integration

Since Odoo ERP can handle many business forms, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, transportation, logistics, education, and others, it is now being used by thousands of enterprises across the world.


Apart from this, the Odoo ERP system can be easily integrated with the 3rd party service providers. It includes social media, Payment gateways like Paypal. Some E-commerce sites like Magento and Amazon. Some other services like eBay, PrestaShop, Quickbooks Accounting, and much more. 


By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  

Secure Business Communication

Security plays an important role in business and the Odoo ERP system can’t let you compromise it. Due to its remote management and its Odoo Discuss messaging app, the team can easily and securely communicate with each other. 

Without entertaining any breach, it enables team members, clients, and other parties to discuss and share the data safely. 


By creating a central hub for back-office information, the Odoo ERP system reduces complexity by providing users with quick access to insightful data. Odoo ERP system can help boosts productivity and prevents data loss due to human error. 


By taking every single need in mind, Odoo apps and modules are created by different partners globally. Thus, it provides worldwide support to its users.  


The Odoo ERP system is the best of all. Its flexibility and comprehensive list of features make it a viable option for all businesses, no matter how large or small. If you are looking to decrease your administrative overhead, improve your productivity, reduce your inventory costs, and gain complete control over your business operations, then look no further than Odoo’s ERP Solutions.

Though Nagios provides no such templates, it may not really be a big problem. You can find and use what you are searching for with the help of Nagios’s huge community and history.

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