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3 Reasons to Go Mobile with Flutter App Development Platform Builder

Going Mobile has been a constantly rising trend for a few decades now. Over the decades, technology has seen tremendous development in mobile technology, be it the mobile hardware or software. As the developments have been flourishing, so has the interest of the users in mobile technology.

Mobile App Development has seen tremendous scope, and you can see developers constantly on the lookout for better mobile development platforms, frameworks, widgets, etc. so that they can enhance the experiences with the mobile applications they are creating over androids and iOS.

With all these developments and growth, a wave for mobile development came in 2017 with the introduction of Google Flutter. Further, a year later, in 2018, as Google Flutter went live, Flutter App Development has seen tremendous growth, with the platform becoming the most reliable, preferred, and popular development systems for creating feature-rich mobile applications on both androids and iOS.

The latest statistics reveal that there are more than 2million users using Flutter, which includes a tremendous number of developers, and they are still counting the numbers. So, the platform is here to stay, of course, and grow a lot more in the times to come.

However, what has made Flutter see such a huge growth and scope in so less a time span? Let’s find out!

Why is Flutter App Development So Popular?

Amazing Widget Utilization Catering to Seamless User Experiences

Widgets and featurization are important for creating good user interfaces that can cater to excellent user experiences over the applications. Flutter App Development platform has a wide widget library, and the framework has inbuilt featurization that allows making use of all current libraries for these widgets so that the user interface could be designed in the most flexible and robust manner.

As the designs are robust, the platform also provides amazing visual nuances that are highly appealing to the users, further enhancing the user experiences over the application.

Backed with such capabilities to serve user-friendly applications with customized UI/UX, it is just obvious for the platform to have the popularity it has evoked.

Improved Development Approach

The developers look for development platforms and frameworks where they can run through and about the processes, approaches, and progress made in a seamless and easy manner. Flutter allows that.

With Flutter, it is easier for the developers to see the progressions with regard to the test systems, emulators, and equipment. Moreover, bug fixing during testing is also easier, and so is making other changes. As you make changes, you can have the app running in the background. You need not wait for the entire application to reload or restart every time a change is made in the development phase.

These features make the development process faster, smoother, easier, and more practical, something that every mobile app developer wants.

Supports Cross Platform Applications

Today is a time when people could be using androids, iOS, or windows, and also be switching between them. So, what they want are applications that can run alike on all the operating systems and platforms. Flutter supports that.

Flutter allows for application development where you can create, accumulate, code, and customize applications and software to be compatible with various platforms. This means that you can have a single codebase that will be compatible with android as well as iOS and allow you to flexibly use both the platforms to their best capabilities.

In a nutshell, Flutter best supports cross-platform app development, which is a major demand in the mobile development marketplace today. Additionally, it also packs the applications for progressive web app development, which support more intuitive web interfaces for the apps and make them more robust and reliable.

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Flutter is a platform that has come as a wave in the mobile development marketplace, and this wave just seems to go further to make things better. Not only the development system is advantageous, but it is backed by Google, which makes it highly reliable. Additionally, the language used for Flutter App Development, which is DART, is very easy to go with language and developers find immense ease and credibility with it as well. With all such benefits in its bucket, Flutter App Development is the cornerstone for mobile applications as of now, only if you know the best ways to leverage the platform and its capabilities.

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